Love Digits enters the dating game

Nirja Mahenthiran had witnessed one too many friends search disappointedly for a compatible match in the tech driven world of modern dating. Inspired by her firm belief in astrology, she created an app that brings the two together; Love Digits is the first love compatibility tool that combines all the excitement and convenience of a swipe based dating app with a reassuring combination of Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology. “We have taken several forms of tried and tested traditional eastern astrology, and combined it into a dating app. We believe that this a fun and exciting way for singles looking for ‘the one’ to focus on those that are most compatible,” said Nirja Mahenthiran, Founder and CEO of Love Digits LLC.

Love Digits was launched in Sri Lanka this month, although it was initially launched in the US in 2014. The original app, was a love compatibility tool. It allowed two users to enter their birth day, time and place to check their compatibility with each other. The new app is a dating app and brings much more to the table – this version can be used to scan for matches with compatible users in the area as well as Facebook friends, although it differs significantly from a conventional swipe based dating app by allowing the user to check compatibility scores calculated with a formula that uses seven different forms of Vedic astrology, Vedic numerology and Chinese astrology.

Nirja approached famed astrologer Prasannan to write the algorithm for the app. Prasannan was a lead astrologer with Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (better known as Amma, the hugging saint) in India and toured with her globally for nearly 20 years. Love Digits brings ancient astrology to the modern dating scene, allowing singles and couples alike to quantify their compatibility using a five-star rating system. The weighted five-star rating system uses 66% Vedic astrology, 24% Vedic numerology and 10% Chinese astrology; a couple’s birth dates, times and places hold varying degrees of importance for each of the three components. The app also gives a detailed breakdown of the score and allows users access their birth charts and check personality traits associated with different astrological measures.

Love Digits asks users to login via Facebook and use app-generated hearts as currency in order to utilize its services. First time users automatically receive 200 hearts, and everyday logins will generate more. These hearts can be used as currency to find other singles through the user’s Facebook network or current location. If the compatibility score looks favourable, the user can connect with the other person by liking their profile. If their like is returned, the two users may chat via the app to make further plans. Users are also equipped with a report option, in case a chat gets out of hand.

Nirja used to be an executive recruiter with a large business technology services firm in New York and understands the challenges of dating in the city. “I am a strong believer in astrology and wanted to create a dating app that was easily accessible to check compatibility based on astrology, and essentially help narrow down the folks you end up dating or need to stay away from!,” she says. “These predictive sciences have been around for centuries, so why not use it in the modern dating world?”

As an introductory feature, new users will receive one celebrity match compatibility, a Facebook friend match, a Facebook friend of friend match and a location match for free. Love Digits can be downloaded from Apple and Google play stores.


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