Army hits out at allegations made by CBK on abuse

The Army has rejected claims made by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga that Tamil women face widespread sexual exploitation by the army.

Kumaratunga, the chairman of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation, said women who were widowed during the 37-year conflict were among the victims of abuse by officials who frequently demand sexual favours just to carry out routine paperwork.

“There is a lot of sexual abuse still going on by officials, even Tamil officials and even at lower levels, the grama sevakas (village officials),” she had told Sri Lanka’s Foreign Correspondents’ Association. “Even to sign a document, they abuse the women and of course some people in the (armed) forces” continue to commit sexual abuse, she said.

The Army Headquarters in a statement today noted with dismay the statement alleged to have been made by the head of the ethnic reconciliation body on sexual exploitation and abuses of Tamil women by the Army in the post war scenario. The Army Headquarters said the allegations are baseless.

“In 2010, civil administration was firmly established in the North and the Army withdrew from all forms of civil administration. Since then, the Army has not been involved in administration concerning civilians, and the question of sexual exploitation and abuses during the said process does not hence arise,” the Army said.

Regrettably, the author of this statement has made unsubstantiated and baseless assertions without specifying any incident of sexual exploitation or abuse, the Army added.

The Army noted that it has a Zero Tolerance Policy on sexual abuses as evidenced in Premawathi Manamperi case in 1971, Krishanthi Kumaraswamy case and Rajini Vellaydunpillai case that took place during the period 1995-2005.

“In all these instances, the Army fully cooperated with the civil court cases against the accused who were on trial, resulting in death penalty. In line with this principle, the Army always takes stern action on Army personnel against whom ex facie cases have been and discharged summarily from the Army despite acquittal/pending action in civil courts. It shall continue to pursue this policy,” the Army added.

The army noted that at a time when the Government is genuinely committed to the Rule of Law and Reconciliation, baseless assertions of this nature would only jeopardize the reconciliation process. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This pre-fabrication big story by CBK of lost President, who rule and ruin Sri lanak more than 11 odd years.

    She has been advice by Pakastrithi Saravaomutta of Tamil decant of so-called policy altanatatives.
    She also herself Tami decadent blood group from SWRD Tamil relationship.

    That is very reasons ,why she advocating Federalism for Tamil separatist regime in North-east .

    Now she make another allegation against security forces by blaming Sexual abuses from Army of
    Sri lanka.

    Of cause there are may security forces abuses in many parts in the world .Those security forces behaviours in not that NEW to the modern politics of democratic to the world.

    Look at Japanese women has been sexual abuses by USA Army in Okinawa since 1972.

    But USA has not lost their holy credential of “Democracy” of that US -oriented .
    No body says USA security forces are violating reconciliation of between Japan and USA even after end of second world WAR!!!!!!!

    The ex-president of CBK has undermined national security of our nation and created bad image for ours security forces in through-out the world.

  2. CBK is living in a fantasy world, she doesn’t know what is reality, norm or isolated incidence. CBK is betraying her people. The current government must do everything to minimize her public appearance as the past President.

  3. There are a few who indulge in this human weakness. But check the statistics, those statistics of Sri Lankan Army is below the country averages in sexual abuse, much less than sexual abuse in the North of the country. Compare these with other country stats which are on the web…. She should write about her sex life too.


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