Government sees attempt to use education as a trading tool

The Government says attempts are being made these days to use education as a trading tool.

Minister of Public Enterprises Development Kabir Hashim said that free education in the country must be protected.

He said the Government has not only increased the allocation of funds for free education, but has also taken steps to ensure equal education opportunities for all.

The Minister also noted that when the former Government gave approval for the SAITM private medical campus to be launched he had opposed it.

“I spoke against it even in Parliament then as an opposition member of Parliament,” he said.

Hashim said that if those who are opposing SAITM had opposed it even before it was launched, the issue would not have gone out of control.

The Minister said the former Government allowed hundreds of students to be admitted to SAITM and gave room for the situation to reach its current level.

Now he says by situation cannot be reversed as the court has given a ruling. (Colombo Gazette)


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