WB says no assessment of AG’s report on bond Issue

The World Bank says it has not undertaken an assessment of the Auditor General’s report on the bond Issue.

In reference to some of the incorrect statements carried by a few media outlets on this issue, the World Bank, in a statement today, clarified it has not undertaken any assessment of the Auditor General’s report on the bond Issue.

It was reported recently that the World Bank had written to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe giving its opinion on the Central Bank bond issue.

The World Bank was reported to have given its opinion after the Prime Minister wrote to the bank seeking its input.

The World Bank was reported to have said the government had not suffered any losses as a result of the bond issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The World Bank is organization have to live with national amount of financial, fiscal and monetary segmentation the necessary counterpart to rule & regulations the diversity of suited ongoing economic growth—-Sri lanka.

    Current WB authorities are allied with UNP, Pro- USA UK and EU policies of Neo-Liberalism that divide economic sovereignty, hence deepening Economic crisis by current regime has been covered by WB policy makers.

    The World Bank want covered up CB Bond scam by ex-CB governor aiding and abating by Primer of Ranil W… who is in charge and adiminsation of Central Bank.

    in the case of Tragedy of looting of Public funds of CB Bonds that is quite impossible seek fair justice is that all Govt. enforcement authorities command of by Prime-Minister Ranil W…himself.

    He who will not bring charges against himself.

    The World Bank ignored fact that rule of law has almost paralysis by Primer that cannot bring to the justice in court of law in ours judiciary is totally impossible under Primer in power of hand of state organs.

    But the responsibility and accountability for regulating leverage ,setting Bond of CB standards and supervising Bond market more broadly would rest squarely national level of Sri lanka.

    WB has intentionally willing such move by supporting current UNP -Primer misrule of CB Bond scam. WB has mishandle of corruption issues of CB bonds scam and given wrong advices to MOF and Audit General of Sri lanka.

    We have to make new arrangement would certainly involve an improved CB with increased CB resources and a voice of real democratic oppositions.

  2. What liers are these YAHAPALANAYA fellows. They protect the former Governor because he is a foreigner or for any other political reason.

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