Kiriella tells MP “shut up you bloody fool”

Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella told a member of Parliament to “shut up you bloody fool” during a heated exchange today.

The heated exchange arose over an error in the financial regulations.

Sittings were later suspended for 10 minutes for a meeting between party leaders to discuss the issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Kirella has taken Parliaments procedure and members of House privileges into his hand by blessing of Ranil w..of Primer, the man who advocated by a Sane democracy IN SRI LANKA.

    THE TRAGEDY OF that SANE DEMOCRACY by UNP’s POLITICL ‘GOOD GOVERANCES AND RULE OF LAW’ has created scepticism whole system of Parliament democratic accountability.

  2. Truly shameful. When is he opening the road by the Maligawa which is a scandal ? We don’t want him to make a tunnel wasting out tax money. Also to ease congestion in Kandy we would request him to replace the area occupied by the old prison with a park with lot of trees and no more structures that attract people and traffic to the town. He must listen to us and he must spend at least the weekends to meet the locals who he represent.Kandy is congested and polluted and WE CAN’T BREATH, you hear?


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