Sri Lanka to ask UN for more time to probe war crimes

The Government says it needs more time to fulfil promises given to the UN human rights body to investigate war crimes allegations from a long civil war that ended seven years ago.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told foreign correspondents on Tuesday that the government will seek more time at the next U.N human rights session starting on February 27, the Associated Press reported.

Sri Lanka, in a joint resolution in 2015 at the U.N. Human Rights Council, promised to work toward ethnic reconciliation, which includes investigating alleged abuses.

The U.N. human rights chief had called for a hybrid court with local and international judges. Sri Lanka agreed to the participation of foreign judges before backtracking and now insists on local courts investigating the allegations.


  1. Fought against Tamil Tiger of Terrorist of LTTE is that a war crime?

    The 30 years of War was partly the creation of LTTE -Tamil terrorist .

    How can that be war Crime?

    The war against Tamil Terrorist was to safeguard of Democracy ,which enjoy by all Sri Lankan irrespective of racial roots.

    The Democracy and Terrorism are two different opposites sides that role played by politics classes, parties and their Tamil ideologies .

    War crime advocated by USA, UK and Certain EU countries are intentionally side by side supported for Tamil Terrorism which outside their Territory limits..

    • Mr.Sirisena,killing innocent people,on the name of wiping out terrorists is a heinous crime.Do you know 146,679 people from Vanni were missing after the war?There are 90,000 widows,further 25,000 orphans and 160,000 houses were destroyed,is this is not a war crime?The former goverment under the leadership of Mahinda and the defence secretary purposely killed the tamils to reduce the tamil population.Do you know,how many younsters were kidnapped and killed?Please write the truth and don’t be a racist,we can’t blame you because it is your inborn character.

      • No authentication of any dates as below has been not that confirmed any impartial parties;

        1 Who has been an invegeastion of 146,679 were missing persons by which organization?

        2 The lost 90,000 widows and 25,000 Orphans who has gone through that survey?

        3 Destroy of 160,000 houses by whom, where and when?

        By that LTTE has created so many concord stories of War Crimes by Tamil diasporas and USA, UK and some EU countries who want partition Island by seek Tamil Eealm?
        War crime stories is build up bogus dates by commenter want misled public .

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