Gazette on maximum retail price on rice issued

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) issued a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) order for three varieties of rice today and the Minister in-charge later issued a stern warning to errant sellers across the country.

The order effective February 8th is to be Gazetted midnight of February 8 under Extraordinary Gazette No 2005/24.

“The CAA will act on errant traders who sell at higher prices,”  Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said.

The MRPs announced by Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has to be followed. The CAA will act on errant traders who sell at higher prices. We are also working with the Customs to obtain details of rice importers and imported volumes,” Minister Bathiudeen said.

“The CAA will set up a team of officials to investigate as to whether these imported rice quantities have been released to the market. Importers who hoard rice stocks will be considered errant and legal measures will be taken against them,” Minister Bathiudeen said. “Another team of investigators will be set up to investigate and monitor rice quantities milled by the Paddy Marketing Board (PMB).”

According to the February 8 order, MRPs for Nadu, Raw Rice and Samba will become effective from 8 February. Accordingly, the MRP of a kilo of Nadu rice is Rs 72, a kilo of Raw rice is Rs 70,   and a kilo of Samba (excluding Keeri Samba and Suduru Samba) is Rs 80.

Consumers can alert and complain to the CAA about errant traders on hotline 1977 or the CAA direct line 117755481-3. (Colombo Gazette)