Chinese President Xi ready to work with Sri Lanka

Chinese President Xi Jinping says he is willing to work with Sri Lanka to consolidate political mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation and deepen people-to-people friendship.

The Sri Lankan leadership has meanwhile told the top Chinese leadership that China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has not only strengthened bilateral ties but has also opened up new areas for cooperation, The Hindustan Times reported.

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang exchanged greetings with their Sri Lankan counterparts Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe to mark the 60th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties.

China considers Sri Lanka an important part of the BRI and has lavished investment on the island nation in the past decade. Colombo too has been eager to use its strategic location in the Indian Ocean to strengthen its infrastructure and economy.

According to China’s official Xinhua news agency: “Sirisena noted that Sri Lanka is firmly dedicated to promoting its relations with China and that he believed on the basis of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative will open up a new era for Sri Lanka-China cooperation.”

Friendship between Sri Lanka and China dates back to a long time ago, Sirisena said, adding that since the two countries established diplomatic relations, their ties have gained constant and sound development and were upgraded to a strategic partnership.

Xi said he appreciates Sri Lanka for its active participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

“I am willing to work with you to consolidate political mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation and deepen people-to-people friendship” to inject new vigour into the strategic cooperative partnership “featuring sincere mutual assistance and enduring friendship”, Xi said.

Wickremesinghe, according to Xinhua, told Li that Sri Lanka-China friendship, which has continued for centuries through the ancient maritime silk road, was further strengthened under the BRI.

“The initiative has also provided opportunities for the two countries to explore new areas of cooperation,” he said.

Li said in recent years, the two countries, taking the BRI as an opportunity, had broadened cooperation. “China is willing to work with Sri Lanka to carry forward the traditional friendship and deepen win-win cooperation so that the China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership can achieve more accomplishments,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. In fact PRC has been work with us(Ceylon) immediate after liberation of China after established People’s Republic in 1949.
    The Ceylon -China Rice-Rubber Pact was unique example of that in 1952.
    Why is that become unique?

    The time during that we both nation were that agreed to sing Pact we do not have even Diplomatic Relationship and even USA and Western World has not recognized PRC officially.
    Overcome all political and economic sanctions, against China by US and Western world, that we as small nation had been able sing Pact between two nation in 1952.

    That was new way and an open new path of trade between two countries even 60 years before.
    What I have to say there is NOT that difficulty in present situation to reach FTA between PRC and
    Sri lanak having no such barriers time being .

    Indeed time has ripe for FTA between two countries in our case is concern the national agenda and national policies Trade and Investment need to have further in depth study by Sri Lankan side is essential.

    We have been totally fail to address that FTA between Sri lanka and Indian of two countries of trade that created great gap and imbalance of trade with Indian since year 2000 has not yet address by authority
    until now. That is great tragedy of ours FTA between to countries until we have not yet sort out by authorities.

    We do not want repeated same manner of foreign Trade with PRC.

    We are wiling promoted Maritime Silk Road initiated by PRC led Xi Pen of CPC that grate plan of 21 century trade will counts billons of US Dollars ,which that no doubt that benefits for all Sri Lankan too.

    The proposed M/S/R is specially will be created Unrequited Export an oppournity for Sri lanka,that fact
    that we have to accepts .

    But we are now that looking for new Trade policies suited our national economic development of nation sustainability that visible trade of export ex-post saving economy.
    To be join with China for new join- venture Trade Relation of New Global Order initial by China we all Sri Lankan are welcome.
    The current UNP led regime which the very beginning anti- China policy ,now ongoing regime has lost all avenues to attract trade and Investments from West USA and India.
    That is why current UNP regime looking for PRC! for their survival of Power in Govt.


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