Anna: From Sri Lanka to Slovenia

By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Born in Sri Lanka to Susantha Rathnayaka and Nicholas Barnett, Anesta Nuwanrekha Barnett is now living the life in Slovania.

Growing up in Sri Lanka, Anesta, better known as Anna, appeared in teledramas, movies and TV commercials and also did a bit of modeling.

Anna is also a skilled Japanese language lecturer and interpreter and she used those skills in Sri Lanka.
Now in Slovenia, Anna world as a professional model and a Japanese language teacher and is living the life she loves.

“I run my own business named ” ECO LOVE LANKA” with Sri Lankan handicrafts from my own creations. I also represent Sri Lanka at cultural events and school events. I recently completed my contract working as a tour guide in the regional museum and the castle. Actually I have a special place here as a Sri Lankan. They love Sri Lanka a lot and at the same time they love me. They see me as a very positive, energetic individual. Whoever I meet, wherever I go, whatever I do I hear so much positive comments. That is such an amazing feeling,” she said.

While living in Slovenia, Anna loves to travel the world and last summer she traveled around Europe to nine countries.

“We started from Slovenian and then went to Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria. It was simply an amazing and lifetime experience. I like to move around with people who have positive energy and I like get to know new people. Because of that I have a lot of friends in Slovenia. I have friends from over 50 different countries. I have a friendship club where we exchange our knowledge, cook together, get to know about other countries, cultures, so on,” she said.
Anna, who is married, said she moved to Slovenia after marriage to live with her husband and she has no regrets about moving there.

Asked about her opinion on the opportunities models have in Sri Lanka, Anna says being a professional model in Sri Lanka gives you limited opportunities.

“The modeling field in Sri Lanka is limited because of Sri Lankan culture. But internationally there is more scope,” she said.

She says the success of being a model depends on the attitude of the girl and to a certain extent the cultural background.

Anna does only photo and commercial modeling and does not take the ramp. She says she keeps herself happy everyday and physical fit and then reflects in the outcome of the photographs she appears in.
“I love to wear according to the occasion. I always would like to wear something uncommon and different,” she added.

As for the future, she says she has big plans which she will reveal soon. She also says she likes to do some photo-shoots in Sri Lanka.


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