CBK claims evidence found linking Namal to Dubai account

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says the police have unearthed evidence linking Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa to a Dubai bank account with millions of Dollars.

Kumaratunga said that the police have approached the bank and sought details of the account but the bank has so far refused to release the information.

She says without the information in hand the police are unable to file any action in court.

Kumaratunga said that some people are raising voices against the delay to take action on some individuals.

However she noted that it takes time to nab a criminal and investigations are ongoing.

She also said that vital information had been unearthed in the murder of former rugger player Wasim Thajudeen.

Kumaratunga said that over a 100,000 telephone calls had to be analysed in the investigations and this revealed several telephone calls he had revived the day he was killed from a key individual.


  1. This is all Bullshit. Now all Banks including Swiss Banks are required to disclose details of account holders if a specific request is made through the Government channels. CBK as usual coming out with diabolical lies to sling mud at Rajapakshas, to cover up Yahapalana misdeeds.

  2. The prosperity of some countries can be partly explained by the Banks in their countries letting corrupt politicians in various parts of the world to deposit millions of £/$ that had been stollen from their respective countries. I do feel these countries should release the details of banking to the Countries that are investigations in to corruptions.

  3. In my notes on SL Corruption I have this:
    Item 51) 3.386 Billion US dollars in Dubai Bank in the names of Namal, Piyadasa and Vass, the screen shots of which were in the hands of a SL born Bank Manager there, who apparently managed these funds. The photos are available with a local media but not published as matter is under FBI investigations. See http://www.lankaenews.com/news/1826/en (statement by Hon Rajitha Seneviratne).
    The charges will have to be water-tight, as black-coats
    will be paid in millions to prevent a successful conclusion.

  4. How did Chdrika Banada purchased a multi million Pounds mansion in Central London?

    Please answer this Chandrka Banada!

  5. CBK you are a disgrace to the humankind. Wagging your toungue like a dog because you can. Shame on you. Remember how JR disenfrachised your mother who did none of the things that she was framed with? How JR also kept your hubby in remand prison without any charge and YOU had to go crawling before JR to get him released ???????? Perhaps you are permanently brain-damaged by all the traumas that befell your family – first the father gets assasinated in his own home, then your steady boy friend died in a car crash and of course your husband gets assasinated almost in front of you and then you lose an eye due to a suicide bomb. Well we can only pity you.

  6. Is this statement similar to the one when this mad women said MR fell at her feet?

    What she did not say was what he observed

  7. Ok, Lets accept the corruption occurred earlier so people listened to your accusations and voted for you. Then what happened… Mahendran stole millions billions of dollars with your blessings. Who sold Air Lanka and how much was pocketed? Dear CBK please answer these…

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