Demo to be staged in Jaffna demanding foreign judges

A demonstration is to be staged in Jaffna tomorrow demanding foreign judges in the accountability process.

Northern Provincial Council member M.K Sivajilingam told the Colombo Gazette several NPC members and the public will take part in the demonstration.

He said the demonstration will be staged to coincide with Independence Day.

“We will press on five points during the demonstration, including the need to have foreign judges in the accountability process,” he said.

Sivajilingam said that the demonstrators will also draw light to the issue on disappearances, the Tamil National question and occupation of private land by the military. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Saman,

    I am going explains to you more understand what’s difference between Indian Tamil and SL Tamil ( Eelam Tamils).

    India Tamil is not same relation to SL Tamils. For example, Dutch white ethnic people will not same German white people.

    SL Tamils population around approx 5 millions include SL Tamil refugees in India and Malaysia and other countries also. Plus diaspora.

    North and East connected to Tamil homeland which could easily to separate the island due conflicts between Tamils and Sinhalese since 1948 to present.

    England and Scotland people are different.

    SL Tamils are native to Sri Lanka as Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Both of these people are settled in BC as we have records. Indian Tamils are brought by british to maintain their Tea / Rubber estates in their colonial period. Now lets find the cultural differences below.

    For example, my family never came from South India but they where came from in Sri Lanka for long time. I have a big family they was never came from South India but all is Sri Lanka Tamil.
    Malaysia Tamil is not similar to SL Tamils or Indian Tamils.
    SL Tamils and SL Sinhalese people should together live in the country.
    I don’t have friend with India Tamils but I do have friend with Sinhalese where lives in Colombo.

    Most Indian Tamil migrants to Sri Lanka for tea plants such in around in Kandy.

    Other stuff;

    Australia people and UK people are not really same.

    I hope you understand more then before. I hope you will support seeking to rights of SL Tamils (Eelam Tamils) in Northeast.

    How you can take diaspora Tamil return to home after war was ended in May 2009. Diasporas SL Tamils want return to home but they are not safety at the moment.

    In TamilEelam,
    The following will support the Tamils’ argument for a separate state called “Tamil Eelam”.

    1. The area of Tamil Eelam is 7,290 sq mi. There are 45 countries smaller than Tamil Eelam (northeast of Sri Lanka) in the world.

    2. One million members of the Tamil diaspora have been forced to live outside of Sri Lanka by genocidal war. Most of these people will return to their homeland if they can find safety, security, and freedom. They can bring more than one 100 billion dollars to Tamil Eelam’s economy if they immigrate to their homeland.

    3. Tamils are the good administrators and know how to manage a country, as they demonstrated to their British colonial rulers. The British were impressed by the Tamil’s management style and let them handle Ceylon’s administration during their rule. To improve the Tamils’ knowledge and talents, the British built many schools in Tamil areas to the northeast of Ceylon. It made Tamils some of the most highly intellectual people in southeast Asia.

    4. Tamil Eelam will build high-quality hospitals by inviting thousands of Tamil doctors who are currently working in western countries. These hospitals can be specialized and become world-class treatment centers for various diseases. It will attract foreigners to come for health treatments, similar to what is currently happening in India and Singapore.

    5. Tamil Eelam will acquire technological advantages by bringing Tamil scientists and engineers from their settled countries. We can revolutionize information technology and other engineering fields such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil specialties. Building high-tech research centers will help to create new technological products that will compete with other nations. Our scientific advancement will bring more high-tech, skilled people to our newly-formed country.

    6. We will build the best universities in different disciplines (medicine, engineering, business, etc.) by brining Tamil academics into the country. This will encourage foreign students from all over the world to come to study in Tamil Eelam. We will encourage the students to do research in medicine and technology.

    7. Tamils can speak good English. This will help to set up calling centers for foreign companies.

    8. With backgrounds in higher educational, Tamils can help the western world’s efforts to outsource software, manufacturing, medicine (especially radiology) and other fields.

    9. Diaspora Tamils will bring their various business trades that they have learned from their settled countries. This would help us to export various products, especially food items, to neighboring southeastern countries.

    10. Manufacturing cars and small planes will help our economy further.

    11. We will make the minimum salary $12,000 per year. This will improve our lifestyle and economy.

    12. We will welcome foreign workers to fill any shortage of labor to improve our economy.

    13. We proclaim more land from sea, so that we can manage our population growth along with our economical growth.

    14. About 360 miles of ocean water is surrounded by Tamil Eelam. This ocean is rich with fisheries. It will allow for a profitable coastal economy supported by fisheries and tourism.

    Overall, Tamil Eelam will be wealthier than Singapore. Our Gross National Product (GNP) per capita will be $60,000 in ten years following our freedom from the Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhists regime.

  2. SL Tamils and Diaspora Tamils will need have Tamil Eelam country which will more peaceful.

    At the present, there hasn’t bring peaceful and justice to Tamil since 4th Feb 1948.

    1. Buddhists monks and Sinhalese people are worrying about future SL country become no longer majority of Buddhist the country. So that why we need separate the island which we will bring more peaceful and no longer war between Tamil and Sinhalese.

    2. Tamils people don’t have jobs because it is very discrimination due to hates ethnic.
    3. MR and his brother ordered kills huge of Tamils because it is cleansing ethnics by Sinhalese.
    4. Sinhalese and Tamil doesn’t right human and always wars between them.
    5. Now Sinhalese are prepare kills to Muslim such in North east or Puttalam or anywhere in the country. Sinhalese-Buddhists monk are very worrying about Muslim familes have a more childrens which means future Muslim will increase population than Sinhalese Buddhists.

    SL Sinhalese governments will never seeking to justice Tamils because they don’t like ethnics or even a big problem by Sinhalese people.

    So that why we need created a Tamil Eelam country then we will bring a more peaceful, starts with Tamils business, jobs and economies.

    Diasporas Tamil can’t return to SL because there is not safety the country due to TID, SL military and Police all are Sinhalese will be torture if any Tamils links with LTTE.

    I think best way you should research google and about SL Tamils and Sinhalese.

    North and East connected to Tamil homeland. Other provinces all connected to Sinhalese for their homeland.

    We want Tamils live together with Sinhalese but very unlikely due to racist, wars and hate ethnics.

    I love Sinhalese and Tamils but difficult time.


    Reference lists (TGTE/Tamil Eelam)

    More information about Eelam:

  3. Saman, I completely disagreed with you comment.

    LTTE is protects for Eelam tamil people in their homeland and stay away from Sinhalese people trying destroys our culture and control everything affects on Tamil economy, business and lands.

    Many Tamil political has been killed by LTTE which is cheated with Governments.

    Many SL political has been killed by SL governments which is cheats again.

    We need Tamileelam for protects our Tamil people.

    We are urges that Sirisena should be withdrawn all PTA and release the Tamil political prisoners. These governments is joke!
    1. North and East must be merged by soon!
    2. Release all Tamil prisoners because they are discrimination by Sinhalese people.
    3. Mahinda Rajapaska should be arrests for war crimes and let him to be execution for charges war crimes and cleansing ethnics Tamils in Norths and East.
    4. Illegal Sinhalese in North and East for their Tamil homeland because Sinhalese control everything on affects Tamil live in their homeland.
    5. North and East to be TamilEelam and referendum to be YES and will bring more peaceful.
    6. Remove all Sinhalese from North and East settlements to South where they came from.
    7. To protects Tamil culture and business in North and East. Sinhalese should be banned live in North and East.
    8. To investigate a fully with Tamil disappeared between 70,000 and 140,000.
    9. Soldiers include commanders should be punished for war crimes and let them to death penalty.
    10. Say to no discrimination Tamils in the SL.
    11. All troops should be remove in North and East because they are dangerous for destroys culture, human trafficking, drug trafficking and control Tamil youth get a life destroys.
    12. LTTE should be remove terror list on SL and let LTTE to be freedom fighters!

    • I totally disagreed LTTE line of political Terrorism by undermined Democratic of Parliamentary rights enjoy of all Sri Lankan citizens irrescapatve of their ethnic roots .

      We have learn many lessons that in past Tamil homeland is obvious located that Tamil Nadu’s Indian Republic . In fact 70 millions of Tamils are happily living in India.

      There is Not a any political economic and Social disclamations for Tamils in Republic of Indian!
      Tamils having their own kingdom in Tamil Nadu.

      I do not understand why minority Tamils that want another homeland in an Island of Sri lanka?

      Is they supposed to be builds new Tamil Empire?

      Why not that Tamils are NOT seeking homeland in India?

      We want correct answer from Tamils ?

  4. We are an opposed partition of the so-called federalism is path way to Tamil Eealm to be created Rough state in north province.

    Indeed that we cannot agreed at any cost by division country by basis of Tamils, Muslim and Sinhalese race.
    This proposed devolution package is against unitary nature of state.

    For what reasons we want foreign judges to view on war criminal charges ?

    What LTTE did in 30 years war?

    How many Tamils leaders had been killed by Tamil terrorist LTTE?
    The war crime has great extant ?

    Why is that LTTE cadres want war crime?

    Terrorist War was internal matter of struggle between Terrorism and Democracy, the govt. of legitimated right protected system of democracy ,that cannot be war crime?

    • Saman, You are completely don’t understand between Tamil and Sinhalese.

      LTTE never wanted to be war crimes. SL governments are responsible for war crimes and cleansing ethnics SL Tamils in North and East. Bring a Sinhalese families settelements into the wipe out of Eelam homeland.

      Tamils said” LTTE is not terrorist and Sri Lanka state is terrorist but freedom fighters.”

      Sinhalese said” LTTE is terrorist and Sri Lanka state is not terrorist but freedom fighters.”

      LTTE was tried separate the Tamil homeland for protects everything on Tamil homeland.

      SL governments have charged for war crimes, executed LTTE surrendered to SL army in 18th May, chemical bombs, special bombs targets on Tamil village during in the wars. Thousands of Tamil innocents killed by SL security forces.

      LTTE is protects for Tamil people and chase away from Sinhalese in North and East.

      Sinhalese people are trying destroys Tamil culture and take controls affects on Tamils business, Cultures etc.

      If you looking website on Tamils genocide then you will understand what is difference between Tamil and Sinhalese due themself hate each of ethnics.

      Many tamils leaders had been killed by SL governments because they support to LTTE for their homeland.

      Sri Lanka Tamils discrimination by Sinhalese people.

      In 1948 to present there are still Tamil genocide it is same Bosian did.

      Jaffna Library burnt by Sinhalese people.

      LTTE attacked for Sinhalese people and SL governments attacked for Tamils during in wars.

      In Diasporas and SL Tamils demanded protests for create a Tamileelam independence state so UN will sort out soon and will bring a more peaceful in the future.

      Thousands of disappeared are responsible by SL governments but not LTTE!

      Thousands of Tamils people don’t have jobs because it is Sinhalese the country and discrimination.

      You see why diasporas Tamil don’t want return to homeland because it is not safety since 1948.

      Sinhalese people such have their homeland in South, Central, North Western.

      North and East is for Tamil homeland.

      If you don’t understand then research with Tamils genocide on google and details of LTTE what they doing.

      In SL Tamils support LTTE for 99%!

      Sri Lanka is country for Sinhalese and Buddhist only!

      • The Tamil Eealm is concord story has been created by SJV of Malaysian born citizen of Tamil Christen person,who hate Sinhalese Buddhist and their 2600 years civilization.

        SJV not only against Sinhalese race but he too an opposed Buddhism by born Christen ,he was intentionally want to destroy Sinhalese by that undertaken mission of British Empire to partition of Island basis of Tamil for separated regime in North and East.

        Indeed SJV-Federalism also that advocated of new
        puppet politics of British colonialism that Empire want divided and rule policy by implementing second partition Tamil Nadu from the Indian Republic after 1947 .
        That is great tragedy of Indian Ocean monsoon politics.

        We majority Sinhalese Tamils and Muslims of all Sri Lankan are an opposed such partition of Great India.

        The Tamil Eealm is the by products British colonialism and the aspiration of USA global power of the ambition of hegemonies in Indian Ocean.

        In fact “Tamil Eealm” is not that aspiration Tamils People of Sri Lankan.

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