Magistrate Asanka Dissanayake removed from his post

For the first time in Sri Lanka’s judicial history a magistrate has been stripped of his position following a complaint lodged by a Civil Society Organization. The official who was stripped of his position is D.M.A.I Dissanayake, who obtained his position by allegedly submitting an application using a false address.

Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights (CHR) Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon lodged a complaint against Dissanayake’s appointment at the Judicial Services Commission.

He stated that Dissanayake has given a false address in his application, at No 73/1, Water Tank Road, Colombo 10, had engaged in active politics for some time, organized meetings supporting the removal of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake and taking part in actively supporting the forces that removed Shirani Bandaranayake from her position, ignoring the Bar Association of Sri Lanka’s directives.

Tennakoon added that Dissanayake also posts highly political material on his Facebook profile. He further adds that ‘The current batch of recruits were taken in a relatively independent and transparent manner. Appointment of suitable persons as magistrates is of vital importance as the rule of law and the judicial system had degenerated significantly in the recent past.

If we fail again and people’s faith is violated again, it will have an adverse effect on the country because the courts of law are the final line of defence for many. The BASL had lodged a verbal complaint against Dissanayake at the Commission. Although they wanted to lodge a complaint later that was not done because of the intervention of a senior judicial officer.’

Commenting on the development Tennakoon said that “this is a landmark in our attempts to reform the judicial system. We have come a long way and it was painful. But now finally we have accomplished something.” This is the first time that a magistrate was removed from the judicial service after a complaint was lodged by a civil society activist.

At a time when there are many criticism on judicial independence, most recently regarding the assassination of Raviraj, the pro active approach of the Judicial Commission is commendable. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There has to be more to this story than using a false address. What is a false address — one that does not exist or one that is different from where one lives? Whatever it is, I do not think he was sacked for that. It must be for something more.

    • Samuel
      Quote “I do not think he was sacked of that.
      It must be for something more’.. what is that?
      Ours is open society give to the public is good for democracy!

  2. Sri lanakan an independence of Judiciary has been lost by political intervention of UNP-Ranil W… current regime removed Judge by the UNP party decision.

    The right-wing political party of UNP must respect “Rule of Law” and that stop an unnecessary intervention of court appointments of Judges and removed Judges will lost credential of entire Judiciary system of impartiality.

    This is wrong precedency.

    Immerdialey after 2015 January 9th Mathiripalal Sirisena sworn as President of SL he removed Chief Justice Mohan Pereise and an Appoint Shariniee Banadarake of CJ ,then after within 24 hours ,that MS an appointed Siva Palan as CJ.

    On what ground that MS has power to do that?

    MS that nakedly and bluntly violated Republic Constitution,and MS has taken power to his hand by removing and appointed of Judges unconstitutional mode of operandi !
    Is that norms of Democracy?

    That is grate tragedy of Independent Judiciary and undermined Constitutional Democracy by MS misrule of Judicially that violated — Rule of Law of Sri lanka.

    We are no longer country that respect and accepts existence of Judicial an independent Sri Lanka .

    The Rule of law has been declined ours by hourly, law book by very inception of 2015 January !!!!!!!!

    Under the misrule of ongoing regime that “Rule of law” been disappear during of MS ,Ranil Wicks and CBK regime in power 2015 January of the principles of valued democracy.


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