Solomon Islands police told to probe Lankan over accident

Solomon Island Police have been urged to investigate a Sri Lankan, who was allegedly involved in an accident at the Mendana Avenue in Honiara on the night of Saturday October 29, 2016.

The Sri Lankan Yugan Kulasekera who was in his mid-40s was the Information Technology (IT) Manager of the Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) and was drunk at the time of the accident, the Solomon Star reported.

Sources have relayed the information and urged the police to investigate him after noticing that the investigation into the accident has vanished completely – where they think some fishy dealings might be the cause.

Solomon Star was tipped about the incident in early December 2016, where an inquiry was carried out thereafter.

Pan Oceanic Bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Suresh Amerasekera was asked on 14th December 2016 about the incident.

He replied and confirmed the accident which also involved a girl who was correspondingly a staff of the bank.

“We are aware that there was an accident involving a local staff member on holiday, outside normal working hours.

“Bank will do whatever it takes to ensure the wellbeing of any staff member of the bank,” Mr Amerasekera stated in a reply emailto the Solomon Star.

It was further stated that the incident occurred after the pair attended the crowning of the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant 2016-2017 at the Coral Sea Resort and Casino.

They hit a street light post located opposite the Honiara Casino, when travelling eastward to town in a black car owned by the bank – both were believed to be drunk.

Mr Kulasekera and the local girl were then taken to the police station for questioning and remanded in the police custody.

They were later released the same night.

According to sources within the bank, the Sri Lankan was supposed to go to court on a given date but he did not turn up.

Solomon Star was told that Mr Kulasekera left the country towards the end of November, seeking medical attention in Australia after falling ill after the accident.

After over a month away from the country, he returned on January 18th 2017, a fortnight ago.

When the Solomon Star contacted him to comment on the incident, he denied being involved in any accident. (Colombo Gazette)


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