GTF condemns attempt to assassinate Sumanthiran

The Global Tamil Forum, a London based leading Tamil diaspora group, has unreservedly condemned the recent alleged attempt to harm Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran.

GTF said it is deeply shocked and horrified to hear the news of a plan to assassinate Sumanthiran in Jaffna.

“GTF and diaspora Tamils are immensely relieved that the alleged plan failed and are grateful to all whose timely action helped preventing the dastardly act. We condemn those who planned this reprehensible attempt in the strongest possible terms, and call upon the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” GTF said.

GTF noted that Sumanthiran played a very important role in the post-2009 politics of the Tamil people, with immense efforts and sacrifice towards establishing accountability and justice in Sri Lanka and particularly for the Tamils.

GTF and Diaspora Tamils are grateful for his courage, passion and commitment to peacefully resolve the grievances of the Tamil people by adopting consensual approach, particularly through the constitutional process.

The diaspora organisation said that violence in various forms has had a significant negative impact on Sri Lankan politics for well over six decades and has extorted a heavy toll on its people. GTF reiterated that it is the responsibility of all the peoples and political leaders to ensure that violence from any quarters will never again be a part of the political landscape of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)



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