Mahinda warns foreign investors at joint opposition rally

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today warned foreign investors at a rally staged by the joint opposition in Nugegoda.

Rajapaksa said that foreign investors should think deeply before signing any agreements with the current government.

Rajapaksa also warned that funds of those accused in the Central Bank bond scam will be seized if he comes to power.

He said that the funds acquired illegally are being used to launch a media network.

Rajapaksa said that soon after the last Presidential election he had decided to retire from politics but the actions of President Maithripala Sirisena forced him to return to politics.

The former President also claimed that there is an attempt to target the military using foreign judges.

He said the opposition will not remain silent when such attempts are being made. (Colombo Gazette)




    • He did. where you in the last past ten years? In coma? lol. We were already in debt u buffoon due to the war and he ended it. Re-development and infrastructure of the island does not come free. YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO SPEND MONEY. Something you socialist cant grasp. Its econ-101. Stop kidding urself, Rajapaksa was the only leader since JR or even DS Sennayke, that boosted the country upwards. Rajapaksa was the only one to bring investments and jobs than anyone since the last 25 years. Can you name me someone else?

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