Sri Lanka still part of India’s neighbourhood first policy

Sri Lanka continues to be a key part of India’s “neighbourhood first” policy, the Indian High Commission in Colombo said today.

The High Commission of India and the Indian expatriate community in Sri Lanka celebrated the 68th Republic Day of India today at India House in Colombo.

High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu unfurled the Indian flag and inspected a Guard of Honour presented by a contingent of the Border Security Force.

Speaking here, the High Commissioner congratulated the Government on the completion of two years in office.

Stating that Sri Lanka continues to be a key part of India’s “neighbourhood first” policy, he expressed hope that Sri Lankan businesses will take advantage of their proximity to the fastest growing major economy in the world.

The High Commissioner added that India’s total development assistance commitment to Sri Lanka is now around US$ 2.6 billion, with over US$ 435 million as outright grants.

He stated that the Indian flagship housing project, aiming to construct 50,000 houses, is proceeding well with over 45,300 houses constructed till date. The High Commissioner also cautioned against the threat posed by the dark forces of terrorism and stressed the necessity of defeating these forces decisively.

The High Commissioner and officials of the High Commission paid their respects to the memory of fallen soldiers of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in a solemn ceremony at the IPKF memorial in Colombo.

The High Commissioner credited strong democratic institutions built over the last six and a half decades for making India an oasis of stability.

He highlighted India’s achievement in social, political and economic fields in the last six and half decades.

Today, India is the fastest growing economy amongst the major economies of the world. India is the second largest reservoir of scientific and technical manpower, the third largest army, the sixth member of the nuclear club, the sixth member in the race for space, and the tenth largest industrial power. From a net food grains importing country, India is now a leading exporter of food commodities.

Highlighting recent initiatives of the Government of India, President mentioned flagship initiatives such as Swachh Bharat Mission, MGNREGA, Aadhaar, Digital India programme, Start-up India, Atal Innovation Mission, and Skill India initiative. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We are one of first neighbouring country, who respect and accepts practicing Teaching of Buddhism in the world out of 200 countries in current world map.

    Great India was the birth place of Buddhism.
    Indeed out of South Asian countries that Sri lanka is
    main and key religion that dominated by Buddhism and upheld Buddhist theory of causality.

    In fact Buddhism is not blind followed path of religion, it is path and mode of living philosophy are far reaching guide line to humankind .

    It (Buddhism)was not that by product of Hinduism, it very beginning independent development world out-look of that vicious circulars of universe and human life of teaching, which movement motion and progress of teaching by Lord Buddha.

    The teaching of Buddhism not accepts universe is that creation by God or many gods ,well its advocated emancipation of mind by himself not by any external invisible forces .
    Therefor Buddhism is going with natural laws that govern by the nature of universe.

    Such philosophy was inherited by Sri Lankan civilization and culture. It is not that limited 2600 years of even before almost 15,000 years of human existence was of proven by anthropology sources an Island .

    We are a civilized nation ,we want Indian to respect ours values are part and parcel of share of modern democratic order.
    Last 30 to 35 years Indian policies were NOT that friendly with our majority community ,that the rulers of Indian handful want so-called Federalism to be imposed to Republic Constitution by gun point of by IPKF of Indian armed forces.By the resalt of that dismantle centre of the state then Republic will become weak nation.

    That is non-democratic way of politics by Indian ruling classes in power. We as nation do not want fallow
    anti -path of democracy to be replace by Gun rule politics to surrender our people’s Sovereignty.

    We are not seek equal partnership with Indian ,but we do not want sell of sovereignty to Indian vested interest of south Asian the politics of Monsoon by Indian hegemony and its domination of Indian Ocean.

    We modern Sri Lankan want Independent and nation want our own liberation from hegemonies of all areas
    domination big power that undermined norms of Democracies values of Sri Lankan society.


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