Police arrest 37 employees protesting near Power Ministry

The police arrested 37 man-power workers who were protesting near the Ministry of Power and Energy.

The police said the 37 protesters were arrested for violating a court order issued yesterday, ordering them to leave the area.

They were produced in court and released on bail.


  1. Some state organisations are outsourcing employees,instead of recruiting cadre based staff.This is to reduce costs and show super normal profits and give higher bonus to existing staff. This type of recruitment was the brainchild of PB Jayasundara on the guidance of IMF/Worldbank.

    This sort of outsourcing is more suitable for western Countries. Because their rule is hire and fire. The fired man gets another job the following day.Our environment is totally different. You cannot a fire a man or the man fired cannot get another job easily,sometimes never.
    When an employee is recruited permanently, he has to satisfy stringent requirements ,in a highly competitive environment. In outsourcing environment nothing is looked , mostly a head count. Most of the outsourced personnel provided by the company, would not have even qualified to apply on an open application. But they are capable of providing the job. The dream of the outsourced employee from the first day of his employment is permanency in the organisation. Sometimes the outsource provider assure that this is a first step in permanency and may also get bribe.

    Government must please get out from this outsourcing business as well as casual employees, and employ any one on permanent basis. Governments cannot go for cheap labour. Government has social responsibility and commitment.

    Trade Unions must ask their employers not to outsource. They cannot be silent observers.


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