Sri Lanka hopes to further strengthen relations with India

The Government says it hopes to further strengthen the long-established Indo-Sri Lanka relations.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka, presented his credentials to President Maithripala Sirisena at a ceremony at the President’s House in Colombo today.

President Maithripala Sirisena said he was aware that the new Indian High Commissioner knows Sri Lanka very well as he served in this country earlier and expressed confidence that he would serve to further strengthen long-established Indo-Sri Lanka relations during his tenure as High Commissioner.

High Commissioner Sandu is a career diplomat with nearly thirty years of experience. Prior to his current assignment, he was the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of India in Washington D.C., USA. He has earlier served in Indian Missions in Moscow, Kiev, Washington D.C., Colombo, New York and Frankfurt, apart from discharging various responsibilities in the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

During his earlier assignment in Colombo from December 2000 to September 2004, High Commissioner Sandhu headed the Political Wing of the Mission. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Indian must respect ours Political and Economic sovereignty by in deeds .That is role of Newly an appoint High Commissioners role of Diplomacy in
    Sri lanka.

    He (India) should not an intervention of internal affairs of Sri Lankan by undermined nation Independence and Sovereignty of our people.

    We having bad result & negative experiences, that since 1987 by Indo-Sri lanka accord ,which we lost sovereignty by Enter Indian IPKF.

    By forcefully IPKF enter into our Island by that violating country sovereignty in result of that LTTE and JVP has to resist against Indian invaded. They were forced to resist several years and lost thousands of life of all Sri Lankans.

    But cause was just one.

    We do not want any type of powerful nation to undermined ours Independent, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity are main pillars of our tested democracy of Lanka since 1948.

    Sri Lankan way of politics of modern democracy will enrich New civilization of coming New Globe Order that—Sri lanka. be join partners of rising that new society in Global community.

    • There are many things done by each earlier, both country
      should respect each other and should avoid black-mailing.
      India and Sri Lanka culturally and historically very close and this should be base of our special friendly relation.
      Some other countries in their interest tried to bring differences like China. We should avoid it.,

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