Sampanthan accuses UNP of working with joint opposition

Opposition leader R Sampanthan today accused the United National Party (UNP) of working with the joint opposition and preventing corrupt officials from being jailed.

Speaking in Parliament today Sampanthan said that no one from the opposition has yet been convicted or jailed for corruption.

He said that some members of the current Government are also corrupt and they must be charged.

Sampanthan says the public are fed up of the behavior of the Government and the joint opposition. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You are exactly correct sir, we citizen’s voted for the Yahapalana government to clean-up the corruptions. and bring to the justice, but they failed the promises they made,

    Yes we really fed-up of listening day by day for nothing. looks like all are in the same BOAT. only driver changed.

  2. Mr.Sampanthan,people are not worried whether the corrupted politicians are punished or not punished. People are worried about the developement and their well being.Tamils from the east are fed up with you and your members in the eastern province council who are like donkeys,bending their head to what does the chief minister says.Because of the inablities of these members the chief minister is allocating the funds and jobs to his community.What these donkeys are doing?

  3. Well done Mr Sampanthan.One has to be diplomatic, but
    it has to be measured and must not be allowed to override
    one’s conscience. All people who voted for the TNA would
    now applaud that they have not been let down. We would
    expect the same vision and determination, if & when the Constitution issue is brought to a conclusion.

  4. TNA is need to undertake that national political task on issues of democratic society.

    Presently TNA has reached some extend of UNP alliances that corruptions by UNP leader Ranil W..
    UNP has lost innumerable democratic credential by loot public money of tax payers of many have notes.

    TNA should come forward and join other opposition political parties to be safeguard interest of public . .


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