China sees no harm from protests staged in Hambantota

China today said it saw no harm to the relationship with Sri Lanka as a result of the protests staged in Hambantota recently.

The opposition staged a protest in Hambantota recently against the proposed industrial zone which will give China a large amount of land.

Sri Lanka and China celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations this year and the Cultural Attaché to the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka Lui Dong said that no matter what happens the relationship between both countries will remain strong.

Meanwhile, the Chinese New Year is to be celebrated in Sri Lanka on a grand scale. China will host the ‘Happy Chinese Year’ together with Sri Lankan officials with a cultural fair and film festival.

Lui Dong said that several cultural events will be staged over the next couple of months in Sri Lanka to mark the New Year and the anniversary .

He said that a concert will be staged in Colombo next month with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena and other high ranking officials to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

“In the next 60 years, China Sri Lanka relations will definitely be lifted to a new historical height,” Lui Dong said at a media briefing.

He said that no matter what took place in the international landscape or domestically, the relations between both countries has seen a healthy and dynamic development.

“The mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields has delivered tangible benefits to our two peoples,” he said.

Lui Dong said that while the people to people relationship is expected to see a boost this year, on the political field high ranking visits are scheduled to take place between China and Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Interesting! Will China allow such a protest in China? Who are they to comment about an internal matter of Sri Lanka?

  2. The corrupt Politicians who fear Jail are instigating the uneducated buffalos of the Country, hoping to return to power. What the Government should do is to keep its main promise and expedite the investigations into Corruption and other atrocities including murder, committed by the previous Regime and punish all found guilty irrespective of what and who they are. The sooner they finish this task, the so called Joint Opposition will be gone and they could develop the Country.

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