Kabir says hands are tied, wants action on Srilankan “mafia”

Minister of Public Enterprise Development Kabir Hashim today called for strict action to be taken against a “mafia” at SriLankan Airlines.

The Minister also said that his hands are tied in some aspects and so he is unable to do what he wants to do.

Kabir Hashim said that action must be taken against some former and current SriLankan Airlines officials based on the J.C. Weliamuna Report on the National airline.

“There was a mafia in Srilankan. It is still there. It needs to be cleaned. I think the Weliamuna Report has its merits and it needs to be implemented. I have some restrictions but i am determined to clear that place and I am going to take some steps,” he said.

The Minister said that the Criminal Investigations Department is investigating some aspects of the Weliamuna Report.

Hashim said that while the airline was operating at a huge loss when the former Government was in power, it is now seeing a reduction of those losses.

“We have taken steps to revive the airline. We are following the proper procedure to do this,” the Minister said.

The Minister said that the airline is now being restructured through a private-public-partnership.

He said the Government had cancelled orders given by the previous administration for four new A-350 aircraft which were scheduled to be delivered this year.

The Minister said the Government will also look to negotiate and cancel an order given for another four A-350 aircraft scheduled to be delivered in 2020.

Hashim said that investigations are also ongoing on fraudulent deals on A-350 aircraft made by the former Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr Minister: What do you mean “my hands are tied”? By whom? If there is a “mafia”, it is your paramount duty by the citizens of this country to name them and get rid of them. If RW’s mafia is causing you to be restrained, in the name of good governance and at possible loss of favour with your political boss, do this nation a great service – name them. You are aware the present Sri Lankan Airline’s Board is packed with guys who have no clue as to what an airline business is all about. Not that the previous Board was either. There are two on the Board who bleed the airline by way of free business class travel to their “first homes” overseas in UK and New Zealand willy nilly.

    It is time to let Peace Air who has proven financial capability according to the press, take over the airline and run it professionally with NO political influence. They have a strategy for the airline which none of the Board Members including the CEO have for UL.

    We are aware of the fiasco at Central Bank, Now the Power and Energy Minister and his greed to make USD 10 on a ton of coal violating all norms of procurement, sacking the Chairman and Directors who stood up for what is RIGHT by the country and people opposing the colossal overpricing of coal. The Chair has been practicing spot purchases for some time, the ideal way forward in a downward trending commodity. At the least the guy has demonstrated some BUSINESS and Financial Sense!

  2. If the minister says his hands are tied would also mean that his tongue is also tied.
    Tied by whom ?
    Only two persons have this ability, either the Prez or the PM who may have regular deliberations with our former strongman MR who is well protected by the current powers.
    It is a pity that the Weliamuna findings are shelved or ignored for reasons only the Prez and PM knows.

  3. Appoint me as Katunayaka Chief Operational Manager. I will show you how to deal with those mafias. Im politically victimized person from 1994 to 2002 and terminated service in 2002. Still waiting as victim of former government. Not yet addressed by UNP government.

  4. Impotency seems the hallmark of this govt. As the coal deal shows, all hands are free when it comes to swindling; when bitter prescription needs to be given for the greater good of the country, the hands get tied. The honest and the law-abiding have no leaders in this country to inspire them.


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