Sri Lanka to work with former peace negotiator Erik Solheim

Sri Lanka is to work with former peace negotiator Erik Solheim once again, this time however on environmental issues.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had talks with Solheim in Switzerland on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

Solheim is the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and he has agreed to work with Sri Lanka through his new role.

“Green economy. Sustainable tourism. Wildlife. Water. Agreed cooperation between Sri Lanka and UN Environment w Ranil,” Solheim tweeted.

The Prime Minister’s office, meanwhile, said that Wickremesinghe sought Solheim’s assistance on environmental issues.

It was decided at the talks to appoint a committee to study the proposals on collaboration between Sri Lanka and the United Nations Environment Programme.

As a negotiator of the peace process in Sri Lanka between 1998 to 2005, Solheim attempted to reach a compromise between the Government and the LTTE.

Wickremesinghe was Prime Minister when Solheim was involved as a Norwegian peace negotiator but Solheim was later accused of being biased towards the LTTE.

Norway eventually withdrew from the peace process as the former Government decided to defeat the LTTE militarily. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Erich Solhiaiem is man who want partition of
    Sri Lankan ..
    He who support for Tamil terrorism and key man behind LTTE Tamil Terrorist

  2. Ranil W is a shameless bastard. Pocks on all Sri Lankans who put him back on power. He is treachery personofied. SL is a cursed country with him aroun !!!!

  3. Wtf… Rajapaksa should have put out an intl warrant on this terrorist. As if Ranil is trying to screw himself purposely trying to cut a deal with this failed “negotiator”

  4. Sri Lanka should NEVER TRUST Solheim,
    His past actions can give you a prediction of what his future actions. It seems, only Ranil and Mangala trust this man, may be some incentives involved.

  5. Very good! He always worked against sovereignty of our country! Ranil and Chandrika want ONLY those who are undermining our country!
    It is very unfortunate but true!

  6. What the hell is wrong with our p*****? every time he see a white man he is on his knees, This disgraceful traitor should be kicked out

  7. I dont get this? Why work with a Norwegian? All Ranil has to do is implement local environmental laws and pay attention to demands and concerns of local environmentalists.


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