1. It is nice to read such news items including an increase in fines for certain offenses to make our roads user friendly and safe.

    It is PARAMOUNT that our traffic police be first given a refresher course on the traffic codes and what amounts to a violation. Most of them are clueless or they just don’t care about the duties they are being called upon to perform. They appear to be there only for the paycheck and some extra’s!!!

    If the traffic cops are vigilant in enforcing the traffic code, we would have a disciplined group of road users including pedestrians!

    How often pedestrians cross at the crossing when the light for them to cross the road indicates a RED person Standing?

    What about the three wheelers and motor cyclists who meander through any small opening cutting through vehicles and pedestrians at perill to them and other users?

    Oh – what about all those SUV’s and Luxury vehicles which are driven with reckless disregard with flashing red and blue lights with tinted glass, assuming the road belongs to their mothers?

    Train the cops first and then uphold the rule of law without favour and fear.


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