EU reiterates Sri Lanka must ratify 27 conventions for GSP

The European Union today reiterated that the ratification and implementation of 27 international conventions signed by a succession of Sri Lankan Governments, are the only criteria on which the Government of Sri Lanka’s application to rejoin the Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) is assessed.

The EU office in Colombo said that the conventions relate to international human rights, labour rights, environmental standards and good governance.

Benefitting from GSP+ requires the Government to undertake to make further progress in implementing the conventions and to cooperate with the EU to monitor implementation and address shortcomings.

More generally, the European Union says it supports the leadership shown by the Government in committing to address historic and long-standing problems that have caused conflict and negatively affected the lives and living standards of all Sri Lankans.

This includes the undertakings made, for instance, in the resolution that Sri Lanka co-sponsored at the UN Human Rights Council. The European Union is working with the Government and civil society organisations to structure our support and engagement to positively contribute to the Government’s national reconciliation and good governance aims.

The EU is Sri Lanka’s biggest export market, accounting for nearly one-third of Sri Lanka’s global exports. In 2015, total bilateral trade amounted to €4.7 billion. The EU’s Special Incentive Arrangement for Sustainable Development and Good Governance, GSP+, is part of EU’s unilateral tariff preferences in favour of developing countries.

The GSP+ scheme is designed to help developing countries by granting full removal of tariffs on over 66% of tariff lines covering a very wide array of products including, for example, textiles and fisheries. The GSP Regulation sets strict and clear criteria for granting GSP+.

Firstly, the applicant must meet economic criteria, i.e. it must be a vulnerable developing country with a non-diversified economy and low level of imports into the EU. Secondly, the country must have ratified the 27 international conventions required under GSP+. It must not have formulated reservations which are prohibited by these conventions, and the most recent conclusions of the monitoring bodies under those conventions must not identify any serious failure to effectively implement them.

The new GSP Regulation provides for continuous monitoring of the GSP+ beneficiaries’ obligations. Once a country is granted GSP+, the EU must, therefore, monitor that it abides by its commitments, namely to: maintain ratification of the international conventions covered by GSP+; ensure their effective implementation; comply with reporting requirements; accept regular monitoring in accordance with the conventions; and cooperate with the EU and provide all necessary information. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. EU main countries has been violated many norms of Human Right laws and regulation since year 2000.

    There is no limitation to EU countries by had been that violated Fundamental Rights of Nation Sovereighmty by Germany, France , Spain ,Italy and Austria even after Second World War .

    Indeed that Past colonial Era European Countries has been plunder wealth of Many colonial nations and from their people ,that amounts comes to Billions of Euros.

    The EU nations have do not forget their past ugly history of Colonialism in several centuries
    We do not want sell ours nation Sovereignty to EU for few Billons of Euros and colonial conditions that imposed against by political dominations by EU which of polices of hegemony by white dominations.

    That days has gone for ever.

    Business, Trade and an Investment are concern ,we do not need any pre-conditions for Sri lanka trade relationship with EU countries..

    We are a sovereignty nation selling goods to EU want so many unwanted conditions against People Of Sri Lankan . That it self violation of sovereignty right of Nation absolute power of Democracy norms of the power of people.

    We are against that type of imposing conditions by EU power of hegemony.


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