Rice not suitable for human consumption seized

Rice not suitable for human consumption has been seized at several locations, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) said.

The Consumer Affairs Authority says it has taken steps to investigate and prevent misleading activities carried out by traders around the island.

CAA officers are been instructed to investigate and correct the malpractices in the rice market to stabilise the current situation.

The CAA said that 20000 kg of rice stock suitable to use as animal feed had been taken into custody at Eravoor In Batticaloa while being sold for human consumption.

CAA also said that 50 rice bags which were expired were also found at two stores in the Polonnaruwa district while 13000 kg of rice bags were found in Polonnaruwa which were not suitable for human consumption.

Investigators also found a stock of rice which was sold at higher price than the marked price. The rice stock (75 kg) was imported from India. (Colombo Gazette)


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