China seeks clarity from ex-President on opposition to deal

China has sought clarity from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his opposition to the Hambantota deal.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang, met Rajapaksa today and discuss matters related to the Hambantota port and investment zone.

The meeting took place at Rajapaksa’s official residence and Rajapaksa’s office said that he informed the Chinese envoy the opposition cannot agree to the proposal to allocate 15,000 acres of land in Hambantota to a foreign country.

China is funding an investment zone in Hambantota and a Chinese company is to operate the Hambantota port. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ambassador of China walking on wrong path of by misdirection set of policies which that involving Hambantota Port project and Industrial complexes in Southern Province -Sri lanka.

    I am sorry to say I am Compelled condemned Chinese Ambassador speech of other day at Hambantota at the public meeting the day of inauguration of proposed project.

    We cannot five 15,000 acres to China for 99 years lease by developed industries and Port -South at cost of Sri Lankan nation.

    This proposed an acquired 15,000 acres land belongs to people of Sri Lankan cannot give China by misruled of UNP ‘governance’ by leadership of Ranil.w.. MS and CBK alliances.

    We cannot lost our country sovereignty and selling land to foreign country is renunciation of national wealth is obviously residuary deal by “UNP governances”. UNP leadership has not taken the people responsiveness at all.

    The China has to review 15.000 acres of land too large for such development project that is no needed time being.

    We want China investment and Trade, there is no doubt about that. I have no other reasons to suspected investment from China.
    We almost welcome investment and Trading with People’s Republic of China.

    This matter has to be address by China and CPC leadership of PRC by immediate effect.
    That is good for both countries and good will of our two nations.

    The modern industries are NOT that need such large scale land for new Industries at all.

    Our people having right to protest current regime and China has to listening to public an opinion by promptly.
    The way of present China’s Ambassador speech to the public and at meeting his behaviour was not that an appropriated. We want China to respect dignity of our people’s rights of democracy.

    Hope and wish PRC of China and CPC never seek hegemony in Sri lanka.
    That is policy of CPC even under the President Xing-ping .
    This proposed projects has to revive by PRC as soon as possible .

    People of Sri Lankan are willing give some of land for China ,if it is need to promoted Sustsnibility of development ,but not to uproot people from their lands by forcefully.

    Current regime want under the slogan of “New Employment “and “Economic Development’ will uproot Southern People from their land.

    The Ranil W….of UNP policy of development which is uproot their people is wrongful dismissal from their land.


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