President says unity Government cannot be toppled

President Maithripala Sirisena says the unity Government cannot be toppled.

The President was speaking at an event held at the BMICH today to mark the second anniversary since he took office.

“No one can topple this Government,” he said.

The President noted the support he received from the United National Party (UNP) to win the 2015 January 8 election.

He said the country can move forward as a Nation and he invited all political parties and individuals to support the policies of his Government.

The President said the Government was able to remove the pressure faced by the country at the UN Human Rights Council.

He said the international community had extended support to the Government after it took office in 2015.

Sirisena also slammed the protests staged in Hambantota yesterday and told Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to move the proposed industrial zone from Hambantota to Polonnaruwa if the people of Hambantota do not want the industrial zone in the area.


  1. NO body wanted to topple elected govt. of Sri Lanka by the out of democratic framework or its accepts metholodlgy by Majority people’s verdicts of ballots.
    Main forces of democratic elements seek that always people mandate.
    But MS that you were unable delivered promised Right to vote by during your two year rule. Look at local Elections as example !!!!!!!!!

    But indeed MS has to realized that your ruling party current leading members of that Holy alliance of TNA and JVP are anti-establishment outfits.
    And undemocratic ,by born of their politics.

    In hardworking of Current TNA engaged on Separatist state for Tamil Eealm and by prepared for legal foundation of Federalism is North by the name of “reconciliation slogan”.

    TNA political strategy first that laid foundation for partition of Island for Tamil new regime in North since 2015 January 9th change of old regime into New regime led by MS headed “governances”…’Good”.
    “Rule of Law” by UNP Ranil W….and CBK@@@@ of New federalist.

    That was the first step of key role of Topple entire Sri Lankan exist State remain over more than 2600 years.
    In fact of reality has been forget by MS, CBK and Ranil…W.. and regime that your allies are anti-democratic line of politics.

    Other political party that leading role play by JVP anarchist and Terrorist outfit are your major share holder of MS regime.

    They who play leading role behind that MS to come power by hook or crook 2015 January 9th.
    They(JVP) are anti-establishments political outfit ,having political anarchism they may working to topple your “Good governances” behind the seen.

    I do not believed JVP is one of your most reliable having any intention to topple your current Regime back by UNP of Ranil..W.. and CBK. with out consent.

    Until these TNA and JVP are with your side an open and hidden alliance that your power grid you have safety of ruling power.

    Needless to say there is no doubt of system of your govt. will Not overthrown other democratic alliances in opposing political parties by GUN or Coup what you did in past.

    They will wait & seek people majority consent to topple your regime by means of ballots.

    The only who are going to topple your regime by GUN RULE politics by TNA and JVP and other foreign power, who brought you in to the power in 2015 January 9th.

    MS immediately after being to seat of Presidency you have an apply all methods of undemocratic political metholodlgy was not that belongs to norms of Political values, by not accepts the origin and development Western democracies.

    After being Presidency of SL of MS has lost and abandon values democratises – Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri lanka.

    By and large guided by 1972 and 1978 Republic Constitutional norms is only the written document before you which that you have been discarded.

    Therefor that is where turning point of that you have topple Republic constitution by MS as President of SL?


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