Several injured as protesters defy court order in Hambantota

Several people were injured during a tense situation in Hambantota when protesters defied a court order and staged a protest near the venue of the launch of the Sri Lanka-China Industrial Zone Development Project today.

At least 27 people sought treatment at the Hambantota hospital after stones were pelted towards the police and the venue of the project and the police retaliated with water cannons and tear-gas.

The protesters, led by some monks, marched towards the venue of the event which was attended by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and other Ministers and diplomats.

A court order was issued yesterday against the protest being staged in the area and the police informed the protesters about this and prevented them from going further.

IGP Pujith Jayasundara who was also at the scene attempted to bring the situation to a peaceful end.

However stones were pelted towards the venue of the event and the police and the police retaliated by using tear-gas and water cannons.

Among those injured during the incident were policemen on duty at the time. The police Special Task Force was also deployed to control the situation. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is not privatization and beside it was terrible deal done by Ranil. We now earn far less. And all those who preach HumanRights? Where are they now? They have been in cahoots with Ranil since day 1. Its time we adopt a law where private citizens can bear arms against a tyrant gonvt.

  2. Right to protest is right to Democracy.
    This is Sri Lankan way of democracy.

    We are an independent and sovereignty nation, we do not want occupy our land by Big power the name of development and investment.

    The current Rulers having no right supressed democratic forces ,what ever forces by using gun rule politics by UNP ,Ranil W…MS and CBK rulers we condemned.
    UNP is cannot supressed democratic forces rule by GUN point and against will of the People.
    County and Nation wealth cannot own by any foreign power.
    Right of development is right of Democracy.

    No big power politics can dominated our land and people by GUN RULE politics.

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