PMK seeks global probe into war crimes in Sri Lanka

India’s PMK founder Dr S Ramadoss criticised the Sri Lankan Government’s refusal to allow international investigation into alleged war crimes in the final stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 and demanded for a resolution calling for an international investigation at the United Nations, The Hindu newspaper reported.

In a statement, he said that India should push for an investigation by an international war crimes tribunal or an equivalent body. “With the Sri Lankan government refusing to agree to an international war crimes investigation, there will be no justice to Tamils who suffered under the Sri Lankan government armed forces. All those who committed war crimes on innocent Tamils will go scot-free. The Indian government has a responsibility to stop this from happening,” said Dr. Ramadoss.

He further said that there is no point in appealing to the Sri Lankan government to investigate its own war crimes with international judges. PMK youth wing leader Anbumani Ramadoss said that the number of unemployed persons committing suicide in Tamil Nadu is the highest in India. “In 2015, 1,316 unemployed persons died and this is an insult to Tamil Nadu.” he said.


  1. PMK Ramadosse should find a solution to thier Pakistan and India border ( KASHMIR ) questions..rather than putting his nose in well as 600 Million Indians does not have proper Toilets ..So mind your own business first..than poking his nose to other countrys.


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