China to invest US$ 5 billion in new industrial zone

The Chinese Government hopes to invest US$ 5 billion in the Hambantota industrial zone over the next 3-5 years.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang said the investment will see the creation of 100,000 jobs in the country.

The Ambassador was speaking at the opening of the industrial zone in Hambantota today.


  1. China has to realized that South Asian countries, National Political Parties, Classes and their current leadership are that including Sri lanka regimes are NOT that pro-People’s regime.

    They definitely looking for Capital investment and trading from China for their own survival of regimes and political power for life time with all corruptions to be remained power for EVER.

    They having no norms of political integrity and accepts verdicts of people’s majority and respects country ‘s or Nation wealth. Or current UNP regime has turn and twist political power by day to day basis with few big powers vested interest.

    This is a very dangerous political game role played by UNP current regime.
    An End of this game changers by one-big power will ousted current regime and replace another regime by hook or crook.
    Therefor will created anti-China policy in Island and among the majority community in Sri lanka.

    The UNP leadership of Ranil W.. MS and CBK has already played the role of politics has created anti-Chinese propaganda among the people of Sri Lankan after the 24 months in power.
    This reality of facts has shown and revealed to that situation has to accepts by China.

    China is in trap in between an ongoing new Global strategy in south Asian region by some big power.

    Indeed China is looking only for the aspects of developing Trade with oversees. That is a national interest of China.

    Hence that China one sided trade and Investment promotion of maritime silk road will not give batter result soon.

    It will damage good will has rendered to people’s of Sri Lankan by the People’s of Republic of China has builds last 60 or 65 years, there is possible to undermined near future.
    Political complexities of class forces in Island and US and & Indian an intervention has created new uncertainties and chaos among majority masses of people in Island.

    An Instability has arise in democratic framework and power devolution of by UNP TNA and CBK and JVP oriented shifting that so-called new constitution working towards dismantle and dissolution of centre power of State by current UNP regime in political power of govt.

    The current UNP leadership before came to power they advocated anti- China policies then overnight turn into by UNP leadership has change into Pro-China policy?
    For what purposed that is not the development of sustsnibility of country and people of Sri Lankan. No at all!!!!!!!

    It is for UNP regime lack cash to run country without Chinese capital an investments. This type of system of Capitalism cannot bail -out on going economic crisis in island is quite impossible even to China!


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