1. TNA is still not yet that a National Democratic Party of
    Sri lanka.

    It was born out of that anti-establishment out-fit against of mode of democracy of Island . Such a Political Party manipulating and undermined principles and norms of Democracy as like TULF and Federal Party acted on last 70 years.

    Why is that TNA seek war crime against Govt . of Sri lanak?
    Is that LTTE and Tamil Diaspora political agenda has taken by TNA?

    The TNA walking two legs –

    One War crime agenda against Govt. of Sri Lankan that defeated of LTTE Tamil terrorist.

    Second barging New Constitution of Federalism of power devolution to be laid legal foundation of Tamil Eealm regime in North and Eastern provinces.

    Needless to say TNA is proxies of LTTE separatism and carry forward LTTE mission by Gun rule metholodlgy to win Tamil Eealm during weak governances of pro-US and pro-Indian puppet regime led by Ranil W and his political unholy alliances.

    TNA day and night working for Tamil Eealm regime to re-establishment separatism in North PC by support of UNP unholy alliances.

    The so-called mission of that ,TNA will undermined sovereignty and Territorial Integrity and Democracy of Sri lanka


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