Task Force proposal for foreign judges in war probe rejected

A proposal to have foreign judges to investigate incidents related to the war was rejected again by the Government today.

Government spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that anyone can make a proposal calling for foreign judges to be involved in the probe on the war but the Government stand is final.

A Government appointed Task Force has proposed that foreign judges be involved in the domestic process to investigate the war.

The Final Consultation Task Force report on Reconciliation Mechanisms which was handed over to former President Chandrika Bandarnaike Kumarathunga, has called for a hybrid court to hear cases related to the war.

The Task Force has proposed that international participation in Sri Lanka be phased out once confidence is established in a purely domestic mechanism.

Senaratne said that even if a Government appointed committee makes a proposal it is for the Government to decide the way forward.

The Minister said the Government is clear in its stand that a purely domestic mechanism will be used to investigate incidents related to the war while foreign technical assistance will be used if required.

The report of the Task Force combines and provides a detailed understanding of the consultations that have taken place over the past year.

The Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms said the report will be of key importance in setting up subsequent Transitional Justice Mechanisms that are envisioned by the Government and the findings of the report will be taken into consideration when designing the aforementioned Transitional Justice mechanisms. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It app-ears that the government is trying to reject TRUTH and Justice in SL.

    The TRUTH is an important ingredient of human life, and not fantacy or falsehood.

    Jesus said that He is the way, the TRUTH and the Life. He said that the enemy of mankind, the devil, is a liar. The devil steals, kills and destroys mankind.

    I consider this fact as the fundamental reason for the religious, political, economical, social and historical mess in SL.

    I read a book titled “Christianm Heritage of Jaffna Sri Lanka”, authoured by a Christian from Jaffna, relocated in Australia. The author has done intensive research and has revealed very valuable TRUTH.

    The TRUTH mentioned below is also in the book;

    1. Both the Sinhalese and the Tamils originate from India. Therefore, both the Tamils first and the Sinhalese next are immigrants in SL.
    2. When the Potuguese first arrived in our island, the country was ruled by six kingdoms namely; Ruhunrata (South), Rajarate (Kote), Sitawaka (Ratnapura), Kandy, Wanni and Jaffna.
    3. Portuguese rule was from 1505 to 1658, Dutch rule was from 1658 to 1796 and British rule from 1796 to 1948.

    From 1505, the TRUTH about the gospel of Christ was brought to Jaffna and preached by Fr.Francis Xavier and others. Many people received it in Jaffna and Mannar. Churches were built to worship God, schools were built and the places flourished.

    My view is that the spiritual enemy, the devil, brought fear and hatred amongst the unbelievers of the gospel, especially the Buddhist priests, and made them discover fake stories full of lies, imaginations and fantacies like “Senarat capturing Jaffna from the Portuguese”.

    May the TRUTH prevail in SL, to enable reconciliation in 2017.

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