CAMMS enters the Sri Lankan market

Global business management Software Company CAMMS has launched in the Sri Lankan market.

A leading provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software, CAMMS has teamed up with Sri Lanka’s No 1 Life Insurance company, Ceylinco Life.

Ceylinco Life Chief Risk Officer/Director Mr Ranga Abeynayake said CAMMS would help the organisation manage its risks, incidents, hazards and audit in a time-efficient manner, producing cost savings.

“CAMMS’ Integrated Risk Management was seen as an ideal option due to its ability to provide us with efficiencies in terms of our risk management process, clear visibility to critical risks and its ability to free up time so that we can focus better on strategic risks that can have an impact on our profitability, reputation and competitive advantage,” Mr Abeynayake said.

“As our operational risks are managed in a timely fashion, driven by the email notification system, and with time and cost savings achieved through more efficient monitoring of risk mitigation initiatives, we have begun to see an impact already.

“The solution also covers Audit Management as well as Incidents and near misses, which help us have better control in terms of our risk health.”

Every day, CAMMS helps thousands of users across the globe achieve results, while managing key projects and risks.

The power of CAMMS’ systems is that they can be fully integrated, yet are simple to use.

Some of CAMMS’ major clients across the world include UK-based NGO the Mines Advisory Group and Royal Melbourne Hospital and Adelaide Airport in Australia.

CAMMS was recently recognised by global IT research firm Gartner, who named it a Cool Vendor in Operational Risk Management 2015.

The Country Manager for CAMMS Asia – Sanharsha Jayatissa said it was a great moment for the company.

“We have clients across the UK, Australia, North America, New Zealand, Singapore, and now we have launched in Sri Lanka,” said Mr Jayatissa, a recent starter with CAMMS Asia, bringing over eight years of experience in taking brands to new markets.

“This is an exciting time for CAMMS, but also an exciting time for Sri Lanka, as the CAMMS suite of products is world class.”

Founder and Managing Director of CAMMS Global, Joe Collins, said the CAMMS suite of products would help redefine the way Sri Lankan organisations moved from strategy to execution.

“We offer a very sophisticated product and our approach is very flexible and effective across a range of industries, from banking and insurance, to health and utilities,” Mr Collins said.

CAMMS was founded in Australia in 1996, and now has more than eight offices and 150 employees across Australia, the UK, North America, New Zealand and Asia.

Its office in Colombo was set up seven years ago, but the company has only just launched its products into the Sri Lankan market.

CAMMS offers software to help manage risk, projects, strategy, budget, people and meetings.

CAMMS’ unique, holistic approach has seen it make inroads into the health sector. Its health-specific product, Sycle Health, has now been adopted by thousands of users at hospitals and health boards, with a recent surge in the UK.

Other clients include Work Cover in Western Australia, human rights organisation Article 19 and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue.

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