Army troops told to strictly follow guidelines, instructions

Army troops were today told to strictly follow guidelines and instructions issued by the Army Headquarters.

Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva said that protection of the territorial integrity of the country, commitment to support the ‘Year of Poverty Alleviation’ programme of the President, allegiance to the continued commitment and dedication for the country’s prosperity, determination to maintain the highest degree of discipline at all levels and to reach the best of professional standards should be among the prioritized concerns in the Army for the year 2017.

He was speaking to a cross section of the officers and other rankers at the Army Headquarters during a brief ceremony held this morning (2) to mark the first working day in the New Year.

Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva emphasized the importance of strict compliance with guidelines and instructions, being issued from the Army Headquarters to peripheral formations since all are responsible for the correct expenditure of public funds.

He also reminded the troops of performing their duties to the best of their capabilities for the best interest of the public who are footing the cost of theri salaries.

“We are a different organization, dedicated for the protection of the country at all times and our services of multi-faceted nature are most sought, for which we can be proud of,” the Commander pointed out.

He also emphasized on the need for the Army to render their service with utmost dedication, commitment and loyalty to the Nation while promoting mutuality, oneness and unity.


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