TNA expects political solution to be presented this year

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it expects a political solution to the national question to be presented this year.

TNA and opposition leader Ra. Sampanthan said that 2017 will be a crucial year in the history of Sri Lanka.

“Our expectation, is that we should find a permanent and lasting solution to the national question. The new Constitution in the New Year, should bring about this achievement,” he said.

While acknowledging diversity among the communities in Sri Lanka, Sampanthan appealed to all the people in the country to strive hard to not let such diversity become a barrier to building a prosperous and peaceful country for the future generations.

“I call upon all political parties, religious leaders, civil society and the people of this country to join hands in working together to build a prosperous and peaceful country. Let us not miss this golden opportunity in the coming year,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. TNA has to realized that the only solution for Tamil national issue is NOT that undermined unitary character of Sri Lankan state.

    In real terms of political democracy ,that there is no room for Federalism or Separatism in an Island.
    It will leads to partition of Island on the basis of Racial and religion divisions of that old path Imperialism politics of US global strategy

    The so-called devolution of Police power in North is quite impossible ,the land ownership is only confined to Tamils is ridiculous demand is back to system of feudalism ,not that Capitalism .
    This is TNA seek Tamil capitalism ,by way there is NO Tamil Capitalism in the world.
    Only capitalism give rise to freedom of buying and selling of land .Why that only north land for Tamils only. Is this democracy in terms of bourgeoisie?

    We having no doubt TNA is not a Socialist Party base of Marxism theory of lands belongs to whole people.

    TNA principle stand is very clear, it is very petty-bourgeoisies political party that mixed with Tamil chauvinism that has been embodied by old feudal mentality .
    This is where problem arise ,that TNA has to be political party of national bourgeoisies ,hence still working on Foreign power global agenda.

    That is why we cannot find local and domestic solution with South!
    I request to TNA has to shifted new era of Capitalism that path of sustsnibility of political solutions within unitary base of National issues of Tamils ;by and large that TNA core leadership shall working towards the new set of mind.

    Otherwise new constitution will not come into reality in near future?

  2. Mr. Sampanthan,

    What sort f political solutions you want? Sri Lanka only requires development to create more opportunities not police powers or land powers or any other. Besides, all those nonsense were annihilated with the annihillation of LTTE Terrorists and also tamil masses never asked or want those.

    Pls work to achieve the development of SRI Lanka in all areas as Sri Lankans. STOP thinking as outsiders as you were before and according to the genes.

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