Government says much remains to be done in 2017

The Government says while a lot has been achieved so far, more remains to be done this year.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in his New Year message, said that the New Year dawns as the Government of Good Governance marks two years in office.

“During these two years, we have achieved many milestones. Yet undoubtedly, much needs to be done in our pursuit to be a fully fledged democracy that is also economically sound and socially empowered. The abolition of the 18th Amendment which cast a shadow of dictatorship and suppressed democracy, has been one of our greatest achievements during these two years. We have also been able to transform the perceptions the international community held with regard to Sri Lanka, enabling the country to build strategic relationships with other countries,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that sealing effectively with crimes against humanity, halting the wastage of public funds, minimizing corruption, establishing relevant commissions, finalizing the right to information act, ensuring freedom for all, easing the cost of living as loans overburden the economy, creating political stability while laying the foundation for economic development are among the achievements of the government during the past two years.

He said that as economic activity increases under Good Governance towards making Sri Lanka a viable destination, the government is focused on empowering the people while encouraging co-existance and harmony between all communities.

In the same vein, he said the Government seeks the co-operation of all Sri Lankans in defeating agendas that are aimed at disrupting Sri Lanka’s course set for success. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Primer has see the past in an open eye!

    PM your are still no closed ground reality?

    Keep this distance from norms of democracy has leads to political uncertainness and Economic chaos and social unrest , which undermined confidence of whole system of democracy.

    And what you have promised to public 2015 January 9th and 2015, 17 August that “holy” task is unfinished.

    Last 24 months passed by that your leadership move without any positive policies of UNP.
    In my predication you and your team had been unable to delivered any positive result to public and system of democracy ,what you have been advocated 45 years under politics of UNP christen democracies.

    In fact coming few years you and your team by passed all corruptions more than previous power of last 68 years since 1948.

    Capitalism will NOT remain or wait until that your deliverer ?

    New forces will emerge and New Task will replace by your set of outdated moribund policies ;by an open for the new era of Sri Lankan society!

  2. Yes, much and much more needs to be done. First clean your act. Good governance should commence with you. Investigate the CB Bond issue with an independent commissioner and move rapidly to ensure your friend if found guilty is dealt with to the full extent of the law. Remove the corrupt FM and Justice Minister from the Cabinet. Major deals are being influenced by your politically corrupt ministers. Put your house in order in the first three months of this year if you have hopes of ever being re-elected. Don’t forget your short lived tenure as PM under the President CBK. History does repeat itself, especially in politics.


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