Sri Lankan diaspora protest in UK against federal proposal

A section of the Sri Lankan diaspora in Britain staged a protest against the proposal for a federal solution in Sri Lanka.

The protest was staged outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK.

Organisers said that a large gathering of patriotic Sri Lankans took part in the demonstration which lasted for at least four hours to safeguard the unitary status of Sri Lanka both in word and in content.

“The patriotic Sri Lankans accused the Government of trying to bring on a federal Constitution in substance with a unitary label at the front to hoodwink the Sri Lankan people through the back door as per the wishes of the TNA and the US, UK, EU, Canada etc,” organisers of the protest said.

The diaspora also alleged that armed forces were being mistreated, subjugated and beaten up by the Sri Lankan Government as per the wishes of the TNA, the US, UK, EU, Canada etc. thus gravely endangering National security. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. how many of these jokers will move back to sri lanka today? they didn’t even move here yesterday when they had the government they loved. bunch of time wasters.


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