CBK says Sri Lanka has chosen path of unity, reconciliation

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga says Sri Lanka has chosen path of unity and reconciliation.

In a message to mark Christmas, Kumaratunga called for confidence and faith to continue Sri Lanka’s just cause.

“The people of our country have chosen the path of Unity and Reconciliation and are engaged in building an inclusive society and a pluralist Nation. Let us have confidence and faith in the goodwill and assurances of our peoples, as well as our friends in the international community, and take strength to continue in our just cause,” she said.

The former President wished everyone her sincere good wishes for their wellbeing and happiness in this period of festivities and celebration, marking the birth of the Christ Child.


  1. Definitely.Most Tamil Politicians including so called great Sampanthan have joined in reconciliation by selling their Car permits to unknown Black money hoarders or tax avoiding citizens.

  2. How come FCID never audit her family, the crooked bandrinakke family. Her family was in power for almost half a century. Her family started this mess and now lives in a gated residence in england and she has the gall to say this? LTTE, only failed mission was not killing her

  3. The crux of matter is that CBK reconciliation and her line of politics is pure Federalism of leads towards to separatism for Tamil Eealm regime in North.

    We will reject that type of “Unity and Reconciliation” politics of Neo-con SLFP politics of which that surrender nation sovereignty to USA and Indian hegemonies an advocated by CBK.

    We are a sovereignty and Independent nation ,in this fact and that fundamental principle has been denied by CBK neo-con -SLFP of politics of alliance with UNP Ranil W.. of Christen democracy of orthodox new testament of advocated by UNP “democracy” .

    Unity and Sovereignty of Sri lanak has been undermined by CBK last 24 months by UNP-Ranil; W.. and MS alliance has been rule & ruin of “good governances “…..Sri lanka!

    There is no harmony between races of mankind in
    Sri lanka under CBK reconciliation at all.
    That is myth of Unity of Nation that preach by CBK.
    It will never come into being under CBK ideology ?


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