President Obama Urged to de-list LTTE in the US

US President Barack Obama has been urged to de-list the LTTE in the US. A Tamil diaspora group in the US, Tamils for Obama, said that many Tamils are suffering because of the listing of the LTTE.

“Because of the listing of Tamil Tigers, it creates pain for many US Tamils when they travel to abroad and when they return to US. They have to go through many hours of interrogation. Some US Tamils have asked us to convince President Obama to help us by removing Tamil Tigers from the list. Obama can give Tamils a little relief by de-listing the Tamil Tiger during this Christmas and giving season,” Tamils for Obama said.

Tamils for Obama said that the LTTE is now defunct and no LTTE activities have been reported over the last seven years.

“There is no reason to keep them on the list. It was a mistake by the Bush administration to support the Sri Lankan genocidal war against the innocent Tamils. Tamils say it was his Karma,” Tamils for Obama said.

“The European Union’s top court took a step on September 2016, towards confirming the removal of the Tamil Tigers from an EU terrorism blacklist, despite protestations from the Sri Lankan government. The Sri Lankan government had said in 2014 that it would provide the evidence which the EU court found lacking to support sanctions against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Judges of the General Court ruled that EU leaders relied too heavily on media reports rather than their own investigations,” Tamils for Obama said.

Tamils for Obama urged the US President to be reasonable to Tamils and de-list the LTTE and not punish the victims. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Whats next? de-list of isis and al-qadia? ELAM diaspora must be shaking after Trump got elected. No one is buying their sob bogus narrative anymore, except in the EU. It just hurts my brain everytime i hear them crying for foul. Either their lying or really believe in their hoax myths and got sh*t for brains

  2. LTTE Tamil terrorism is still threaten to democracy of not only that Sri Lankan, why not that undermined entire south Asia democrat countries and nations.

    The an issues Tamil Terrorism is International one.

    For example Exile of Tamil Eealm state is currently now base on USA soil . Terrorism of Tamil is world wide political phenomena is has closed relation with World-wide Terrorism in different roots.

    The in case of the de-list LTTE and Tamil terrorism is encouraging other ISIS terror in USA and worldwide . USA could NOT de-listed Tamil LTTE terrorism time being .

    The Obama administration must leave next President to be decided such security issue of USA .
    That issue of Terrorism is that not confine to USA only!

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