Ex-President fears country heading towards destruction

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa fears the country is heading towards destruction.

Rajapaksa told reporters today that he does not see the country making any progress at the rate it is going.

Rajapaksa also noted that Sri Lanka does not need a “Super Minister” as any Minister who does his work is a super Minister.

The former President said that when he was President there was no super Minister.

He also accused the Government of duplicity, saying the Government accused the former regime of creating a Chinese colony in Sri Lanka but now it is doing the same. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is some truth in Mahinda’s statement. In fact his coteries are partially responsible for this and for his downfall. Present government appears to have no strength to stop this slide because they are showing rivalry in . governance and less of statesmanship. Unfortunately we have only few in the Calibre of great Ranjan Ramanayake who understands the hardship of commoner. Those in power have overnight forgotten that their power has come from the ballots of the commoner and not from the money thrown to party funds by few filthy rich. Ranjan Ramanayke has really given a technical Knock out to Mr,Clean by refusing to accept the new allowance.

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