Babybear Boutique enters Sri Lanka

‘Babybear Boutique’an exclusive baby care product brand lunches its flagship super store in Nawala, Sri Lanka at No. 35, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda (Off Nawala Wetland Park).

First time parents often find themselves excited and also unsure as to what they would require to welcome their baby. Prerequisites include baby shirts, onesies, booties, hooded towels, fleece blankets, feeding bottles, nappies, diapers, mackintoshes, baby-proofing items, cots, strollers and travel strollers and many more basic items.

The modern mom and dad are also concerned about style and would like to ensure their bundle of joy is introduced to the world as a little fashionista!  Hence the ‘Babybear’ brand caters to this need providing a variety of choices and styles!

Babybear also has mums-to-be in mind with a range of maternity wear shoes and clothing as well as a range of hand crafted soaps and international shower gel brands to soothe and pamper the mom-to-be during her pregnancy.

Babybear boasts of a 2,000 square foot store with parking for upto 20 vehicles with an amazing gift range that includes unique toys with an emphasis on brain development. Your child’s brain grows at an explosive rate during the first three years of his life.  During these critical brain-growth periods, it is important to introduce your toddler to brain stimulating toys such as block patterns, nesting games such as toys of different sizes that can fit inside each other, matching games and toys to develop thinking and concentration skills etc. The store also caters to kindergartens through a specialized section of educational toys and baby-safe play mats.

The range of high-tech toys include building blocks, touch and feel books, motion sensors and audio books. The ‘3D safety floor mat’ is a new concept introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka. Using the same concept of augmentation reality used in the game PokemonGo, these safety mats are 3D mats that combine with a phone app and camera that provides an interactive learning experience for little toddlers. The store also stocks very high quality softmicrofiber toys.

Baby safety, though vital, is often disregarded in Sri Lanka. Babybear has a fully-fledged range of baby-proofing and safety equipment, gadgets and tools. The store has edge guards for sharp edges, door closer guards to protect babies’ fingers, baby cupboard locks to ensure they are safe from sharp kitchen utensils and a comprehensive range of baby proofing for cupboards and plug points.

Other items available at ‘Babybear’are various gift packs based on the most popular cartoons such as Sophia, Minions and Frozen. They also have attractive décor items that could be used in nurseries and homes. Apart from this, the store caters to the needs of any kid’s party with fancy items such as lights, glow sticks and buntings, and grooming essentials sensitive to the needs of little babies. These include tubs, towels, and toothbrushes. Another concept new to Sri Lanka is the baby harness also known as baby leashes. These are little backpacks for kids attached to a leash so that parents can keep their children safely near them.

The store has also made provision for and emphasises on a ‘Babybear – Made by mums in Sri Lanka’ concept. The store provides a section for items such as maternity shoes,hand crafted soaps, customised wooden name boards, and cot mobiles made by very talented stay-at-home-moms. Babybear seeks to encourage such home enterp[rises by providing a platform for the sales of their products.

Open from Monday to Sunday from 10.30am to 8.00pmthe management hopes to open two more branches in the coming year. For more information please visit the store’s Facebook page


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