Suspected Chinese hitman arrested, detained at Mirihana

An alleged Chinese hitman with suspected links to the mafia was arrested in Colombo and investigators are attempting to verify if he had plans to target a VVIP in Sri Lanka, The Sunday Leader newspaper reported today.

The state intelligence arm together with the CID arrested the Chinese national, identified as Ni Ma Ze Ren, while he was working at a leading casino in Colombo.

The individual had claimed, on being questioned, that he was in Sri Lanka to work for a BOI registered company. However he had later joined a casino to solicit Chinese gamblers.

Investigators said that the tourist visa of the Chinese man had expired at the time of his arrest and his claims over his presence in Sri Lanka could not be verified.

Investigations revealed that Ni Ma Ze Ren was a trained shooter with suspected links to the mafia who deploy mercenary shooters to target VVIPs. The Chinese national lived in a plush apartment in the vicinity of the President’s house and Temple Trees, the Monarch, Crescat and Emperor apartments. Several VIPs live in the area.

Further investigations revealed that Ren’s wife operates as a state detective in China and he had been in regular contact with a State Minister from the South and several other politicians.

Investigators are attempting to unearth the motive for his stay in Colombo and they have already traced the telephone numbers of those he was in touch with while in the country.

The question of under what modus operandi a Chinese hitman was brought down to Sri Lanka, in the midst of claims by some senior politicians in the opposition that a government change is possible at any moment, is to be further investigated as signs of a conspiracy to destabilize the country surface.

The Chinese hitman will be deported to China for violating local visa regulations under section 28 of Immigration and Emigration Act no 20 of 1948, tomorrow. He is currently detained at the Mirihana detention center.

The newspaper said that further investigations will be carried out even after the deportation of the suspect, to ascertain if he was part of a conspiracy. (Colombo Gazette)