Ranil says CB bond issue is no more in his hands

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the Central Bank bond issue is more in his hands as all the documents have been given to the Attorney General.

Wickremesinghe told The Hindu newspaper in an interview published today that he was the first person who initiated an internal inquiry on the alleged scam.

“I am the one who first initiated an internal inquiry; they gave the report; I gave it to the Parliament. And even in the new Parliament, I allowed the Committee on Public Enterprises to go ahead. The chairman was a member of the JVP —  we all supported him, still support him. And they have made their recommendations; it’s unanimous, the recommendations for further inquiry. There are different views on the rationale or the reasoning, but it shows the parliamentary system is working. And I have submitted all the papers to the Attorney General, so that’s no longer within my purview,” the Prime Minister said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Prime is main man behind CB Bond scam .How can that he going escape from accountability for that?
    1 CB is under Primer-minister?

    2 ex-CB governor has been appointed by Prime.

    3 ex-CB Governor not Sri Lankan citizenship ?
    That his appaoiment illegal according Republic

    4 Primer has given all instruction to CB Bond the time
    that Ex- Governor launch Bonds of CB ?

    5 Inside trading of CB Bond scam cannot take part
    without Primer blessing.

    6 Lost of Bond come to Billions of Rupees of Poor tax
    payers money. That is crime against Citizens.

    The citizens of Sri Lankan want to an invegeastion before that first Primer has to relived his duty as Prime-Minister.
    Otherwise is quite impossible have be fair and Impartial action by law enforcement authorities!

    Primer has set his mind to leave his position as quick as possible?

    • Now the files have gone to no mans land or to the land of mountain of files. But one thing is definite if the file remains dormant, UNP will be dead soon. If UNP Leadership understands that Mahendran has destroyed UNP, it will be great and real. They can take corrective steps. Aloysius will never be a looser, they are blue eyed men of all political parties.

    • Mehndran son also works under him and served in the singaporean military. How did he end up with a gonvt job? where does his loyalty tie to?


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