India urged to stop Sri Lanka from amending maritime law

India’s MDMK chief Vaiko today (Thursday) urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use diplomatic channels to ensure the Sri Lankan Government does not add tough penal provisions to a 1979 law that could affect the lives of Tamil fishermen crossing maritime borders, the Press Trust of India reported.

In a meeting with Modi, the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (MDMK) chief informed him how the amendment to the law- that regulates foreign fishing boats in Sri Lankan waters- could affect the lives of Tamil fishermen from India.

“Lives of fishermen would be destroyed if the Sri Lankan legislation is enacted. They will have to pay fines up to Rs 7 crore when they are struggling to pay back existing debt,” Vaiko told reporters.

He apprised the prime minister about the unrest among fishermen in Rameshwaram and their plans to hold a protest demanding the Centre to act against the Sri Lankan move.

Apart from discussing these issues, Vaiko also sought Rs 10,000 crore for the cyclone-hit coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

“Chief Minister O Paneerselvam has sought Rs 1,000 crore in the first round. The state will need around Rs 10,000 crore from Disaster Management Fund because of the severity of the damage,” he said.

Speaking about the issue of demonetisation, Vaiko said, “I am a student of economics and that is why I am saying it is the right initiative to curb black money. Poor people welcome the initiative. Difficulty would be there for just a month or two.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. He should be locked up and the key must be thrown away.
    Reservation of 30% seats for these stupid people has worked in the opposite direction- they refuse to understand though the government provided them the knowledge and employment.

    “Speaking about the issue of demonetisation, Vaiko said, “I am a student of economics and that is why I am saying it is the right initiative to curb black money.”
    India should have learnt from DR N.M Perera. demonetisation-A new rich was created – some burnt their hard earned cash others exchanged it for 1/2 value.
    The rich always run and the rich always win and the rich always break their promises to the poor fools who vote for them.
    People do “evil” things to acquire money (because we give it value) and people do “destructive” things to acquire beauty because of the great societal pressures to attain them.

  2. VIkko is well known Tamil Terrorist .
    He cannot pressure Parliamentary Democracy governances by methods of Terrorism of Tamil Eealm separatism.

    His line of politics will be destroy very foundation of Indian largest survival of Democracy and its order.
    While Indian is not country to NOT to decided on our Law of Sea.

    Tamil terrorist of VIkko demand cannot accommodated by Indian Republic .
    The “voice of Tamil Terrorist” is not the voice of Majority People’s Democracy of India .


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