US to fund projects to boost reconciliation in Sri Lanka

The US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) today announced an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that support the DRL policy goal to bolster and enhance transitional justice and reconciliation processes in Sri Lanka at the provincial and national levels.

DRL seeks proposals for programs that use a multi-pronged approach to advance reconciliation through tools such as memorialization, or truth-telling, among other mechanisms. Competitive proposals could include a consortium of organizations that would come together to develop a series of complementary activities to engage communities across the country. These activities should allow communities to work within their own districts as well as across districts as citizens navigate rebuilding their communities through just, inclusive, and peaceful healing processes. Activities could include, but are not limited to, engaging media, storytellers, and other artists to promote peace and reconciliation; promoting a culture of dialogue and action on peace and reconciliation with key stakeholders, including women and youth; or other activities that seek to meet the objectives outlined above. The use of traditional and alternative media to encourage collaboration among diverse communities could be considered. Strong consideration will be given to proposals that work to facilitate interaction among and between communities in the north, east, and south.

Projects should have the potential to have an immediate impact leading to long-term sustainable reforms, and should have potential for sustainability beyond DRL resources. DRL’s preference is to not duplicate past efforts, but instead support new and creative approaches. This does not exclude from consideration projects that improve upon or expand existing successful projects in a new and complementary way. DRL also strives to ensure its projects advance the rights and uphold the dignity of the most vulnerable or at-risk populations.

DRL anticipates having approximately $1,700,000 available to support approximately 1-2 successful applications submitted in response to the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), subject to the availability of funding. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Majority Sri Lankan citizens want USA has to keep distance with Sri lanka’s affaires.
    US has interfere the Internal affairs of Sri lanakn that under Obama Administration by Tamil LTTE vested interest.

    US has proved that they undermined real reconciliation among of all communities by last 30 years!

  2. im okay with US aid but reconciliation wont work. “They” want elam, aka federalism. If this money is going towards reconciliation, its a waste.

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