Navy handles routine work at Hambantota port

The Navy says it has taken over routine operations at the Hambantota port following the protest by port employees.

The protest by the port employees which was launched on 7th December continued today affecting operations at the port.

The Sri Lanka Navy says it managed to restore security at the port on Saturday and repaired damage caused to the generators and power supply system.

“The swift involvement of the Sri Lanka Navy helped reduce the potential losses that would have been suffered by the Sri Lankan Government due to non-operations of the harbour as a result of the sabotage carried out by the port employees,” the Navy media unit said.

The Navy said it rendered assistance to load 1,086 cars and jeeps onboard vehicles carrier ‘Glovis Phoenix’ today. The South Korean vehicles carrier arrived at the outer harbour of Hambantota on 11th December and made its entry into the port today for the loading of vehicles. The ship is scheduled to leave the Hambantota port for its next port of call in Durban, South Africa tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)


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