Colombo Gazette first Sri Lankan content provider on ONEm

Colombo Gazette and ONEm are in partnership to provide Sri Lankans with a new news service. Colombo Gazette, one of Sri Lanka’s leading news providers online will be available through the ONEm platform with participating mobile operators. The tie-up allows Colombo Gazette to share their news content not only through their website and social media but also through ONEm ecosystem which can reach any kind of mobile.

ONEm is a TTO (Through The Operator) Service which will allow users to keep up-to-date with the latest Colombo Gazette news via interactive SMS and audio through the voice channel. Through interactive dialogues, wizards and menus, users can choose from headlines, search or filter news stories by category or have personalized news sent to their ONEm SMS inbox.

The ONEm platform provides news agencies with a unique feature where crowdsourced local news content can be collected from vetted users who are there when significant events take place around them.

Colombo Gazette has a significant reach across Sri Lanka and is excited about the prospect of reaching even more people especially those that do not have internet access.

Easwaran Rutnam, the editor at Colombo Gazette commented “We at Colombo Gazette are so excited to be the first news service in Sri Lanka to be associated with ONEm. Through our partnership with ONEm we hope to reach a wider audience and deliver important news related to Sri Lanka, including breaking news and political news as well as sports and entertainment. Recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s leading news providers, Colombo Gazette looks to reach greater heights with the revolutionary SMS service provided by ONEm.”

Christopher Richardson, CEO at ONEm stated “Sri Lanka has a rich heritage of culture and a diversity of people with many Sri Lankans found the world around. We believe that ONEm will contribute to a greater inclusion of even more Sri Lankans with ordinary mobiles to enjoy great services that until today are only available with smart phones. Colombo Gazette enthusiasm is proof that what people really need are more options and new channels. And for this we are thankful to Colombo Gazette for standing up to serve all Sri Lankans with a service that will help enrich the lives of so many people with ordinary or even smart mobiles.”

About Colombo Gazette

Headquartered in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo Gazette is best known for its unbiased reporting on news in Sri Lanka as well as entertainment. Launched in 2011, within the space of just five years, Colombo Gazette has grown and become the most sought after news service among the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan diaspora around the world.

About ONEm

ONEm is a plug and play service for Mobile Operators. ONEm delivers an ecosystem of rich interactive content on any ordinary mobile device without the need for data, no downloading or updating and no change for the user nor the Mobile Operator’s network. For more information email



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