Half of public procurement contracts corrupt says President

Half of Sri Lanka’s public procurement contracts are tainted by bribery and corruption, President Maithripala Sirisena said, nearly two years after he came to power promising to tackle government graft, the AFP news agency reported.

The President, who has ordered investigations into alleged widespread corruption under his predecessor, said he could not name names because those exposed would “go on strike from tomorrow”.

“I regret to say that organised bribery and corruption is still taking place in government institutions,” he told a public meeting of police and anti-corruption activists in Colombo,” said the President.

“We say call tenders to prevent corruption, but in reality we know that the tender procedures are also corrupt. It happens in over 50 per cent of the time,” he added.

Sirisena said one Government institution had threatened to go on strike to protest against the installation of a CCTV system designed to discourage money changing hands illegally.

“Such is the level of resistance and I am told that officers who refuse to cooperate with organised corruption are sidelined and not given any work by their superiors,” he said. Sirisena swept to power in January last year, ousting the country’s strongman former leader Mahinda Rajapakse.

In recent months he has made several outspoken criticisms of the national unity Government under Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, including accusing top anti-corruption officials of launching politically motivated prosecutions.

The two men are from rival parties, but made common cause to topple Rajapakse, whose entire family and closest associates face allegations of corruption as well as murder.


  1. Mr President I quite agreed that under since 2015 January 9th which under your New regime graft and corruptions has increased double than previous MR alliances .

    For example Bond Scam of CB by ex-CB governor which involved by Primer and his gang of Four investigation shall not including public notice to all interest parties and public hearing or other appropriate means in which Bonds of interest parties could present evidence and their views ,that including the an opportunity to respond to public.

    Even after current CB governor has not submit his views to application of a safeguard measures would be in the interest of public citizens of Sri Lankan.
    Well that COPE report is fact finding mission was incomplete by JVP led anarchist has deleted name of UNP-Ranil W.. is main culprit of Bond scam is against facts and law.
    COPE report has no legal obligation to competent authorities published Ranil W.. key commitments of Bond scam by ex-CB governor.
    The cause of Primer large scale of corruption of CB Bonds that cause or threaten to cause serious injury entire financial market and rate of Interest has gone unpredesently high level ,well its undermined domestic Economy.

    The President I have to say Bond scam by UNP leader the uncompromised of undermined an economic performance is the struggle between of the Democratises versus Non-democracies forces within your government .
    We want that President has to provide greater stability by adjusting to internal shocks by Bond scam.

    But that your “Good Governances” has been proved more recent evidence revealed beyond doubt your democracies have come to edge of collapsing that Rule of Law since last 23 months of that brief mismanagement of Politics of Democracy.


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