Muslim Ministers demand arrest of aggressive monk

RishardMuslim Ministers today demanded the arrest of a Buddhist monk who had disrespected Islam.

Minister Rishad Bathiudeen told Parliament that a police complaint was filed against the monk.

However he said the monk continues to be part of discussions being held by the Government with no legal action being taken against him.

State Minister M. L. A. M. Hizbullah also questioned what action will be taken against the monk.

He said that a joint letter by Muslim Parliamentarians raising concerns over threats being faced by Muslims in the country was sent to the President and Prime Minister.

He said the Bodu Bala Sena continues to make statements disrespectful to Islam and action must be taken against them.

Hizbullah also warned that Muslim leaders will not be able to control Muslim youth if Islam continues to be disrespected in the country.

Buddha Sasana Affairs and Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said that the Government is looking to resolve the recent issues through dialogue.

He said that President Maithripala Sirisena had a discussion with religious leaders this week in an attempt to ensure religious unity.

Rajapakshe said that when an attempt is being made to resolve the issue, representatives of the public must support such attempts.

He accused some Muslim Ministers of attempting to incite more racial hatred instead of attempting to resolve the issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Justice Minister is trying regain support from Sinhala Buddhist by all means after he long lost his integrity in connection with Avan Guard episode by way of taking a racial stand. Shame.

  2. The muslim ministers must think very well,why most of the people hate them.The actions and attitudes of the muslims is the main reason.Richard Badirudeen and Hisbulla think that they are ministers only for muslims.These two politicians are like chamelons,whenever a new goverment is formed they stick like parasite only for their benifit.Further Hisbulla with the help of govement officiers, encroaching the lands of tamils and getting money from wahabists to build houses in those lands .He openly accepted that he took the land of the KALI kOVIL at ODDAMAVADI and built a mosque.Will he demolish the mosque and give back the land to build a KOVIL?

  3. At least Bodu Bala Sena is there to speak on behalf of Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka. President, PM and some of ministers in the present govt think that they came to power because they got Tamil and Muslim votes which is not true. Being majority Sinhalese can’t settle in East and North of Sri Lanka but Muslim and Tamil can live any part of the country. These are the major issues to maintain religious harmony in the county

    • There is no problem in speaking for any race but you need to do it with dignified words n actions. As a member of the clergy you should talk things out in a descent manner n not humiliate another religion or race . Everyone has their beliefs.To you your religion to me mine!

  4. there are enough and enough religions to talk and make peace. unfortunately there is no religion to be unite people

  5. Those yellow robed, bold headed people cannot read “Pali”” and do not know Buddhism. So shouldn’t be called monks, they are just bold headed uneducated thugs.

    • Saliva,
      I fully agree with you, the Muslim ministers can break laws with impunity and settle Muslim families in Buddhist and Hindu historic sites, then cry foul when Buddhist monks raise the objections and exprest disgust with the Muslim administration in the East who harass the sinhala families who want to settle in their historic homelands.I am glad that Mr Justice minister is right when he says Muslim ministers incite racial hatred, they think they have God given right to use their powers to surreptitiously do unlawful things.

  6. Because a Muslim minter complains that it was disrespectful to Islam Buddhist monk should be arrested, there are so many other religions in this country co-exist peacefully, if every one who criticise other religion’s jails will be full. Must find the cause created this monk react this way and who ever wrong should be treated by law.This man has other ulterior motives, he threatens with Muslim youths, if they tried anything funny others are not going to lay low and will learn a bitter lesson.This is not Saudi Arabia where there is no respect for any other religion.

  7. Get to know your rightful place mr. Minister. This is what happens when this Sanhindhiyawa nonsense is being preached and enforced only on one section of our society

  8. This monk should be brought before the law, otherwise the moderate Muslim leaders will not be able to maintain their leadership over the youth especially.

  9. Minister Rajapakse is projecting his own mind in the Muslim ministers that he cannot forget how he a unused the Muslim community of joining the ISIS terror movement and incited violence by the monk Gnanassara and his group recently. Being a racist Rajapakse should be careful accusing others.
    However, the Muslims must be aware Ranil’s has no respect or concern for the Muslims and he has always treated the Muslims as second class citizen when he compared with the Sinhalese or even the Tamiils.

    So Ranil’s or Sirisena will try never take any action against the Monk who has now become a saviour of the Sinhala Budhism.
    As Fathima says it is true by taking this monk seriously do not make this man a hero.

    However, what about the violence this person is inciting. This so called democratic govt , whatever, is a Sinhala Budhist govt and violence and racism is an inmate part of Sinhala version of Budhism

  10. Free speech. This isnt Saudi Arabia. Everyone in the world dislikes ur so called religion of peace

  11. I understand your predicament perfectly Mister Minister…. But maybe you shud think of YOUR actions and what YOU have done before you comment.

  12. These ministers only giving the publicity to this Monk.We must ignore. If we want this to stop that is what we have to do.

    • Muslim or Islam has record of Terrorism in through world wide by undermined peace and stability of many countries.
      In fact Sri lakna small community of Muslims are making voice of against Buddhist monks and their religion . This is well organized by Muslim Ministers of ruling parties that motive of Religion disturbances through country. All Muslim minister are funding by Saudi Arabian Sunni Terrorist funding .

      They buying land ,houses all properties by penetrating main business areas by control major cities. Doing all sorts of Illegal business and Blame to Buddhist Monks by Muslin Terrorists. This Muslim Minister are undermined national security by having High power of state power.

      This type of politics has to be stop by Muslim Ministers .All allegations against Buddhist monk are concord by Muslims Ministers.

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