Protecting cyber boundaries top priority for Sri Lanka

secretary_graces_workshop_on_public_safety_20161206_03p4Protecting Sri Lanka’s cyber boundaries has risen as a top priority since the end of war, Secretary to the Minister of Defence Karunasena Hettiarachchi  said today.

Hettiarachchi graced the workshop on Public Safety and National Security through Digital Transformation organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka and Lanka Logistics Company at the Galle Face hotel in Colombo today.

Delivering the keynote address Secretary Hettiarachchi stated that, it is vital that we explore all threat angels continuously as the threat land scape changes rapidly due to the fast changes in technology.

“In the era of information warfare it is essential that we adopt state of the art technology to modernize our services processors and procedures.” he said.

Hettiarachchi said that in today’s context gathering information is not adequate for survival, the gathered information has to be converted as quickly as possible to actionable intelligence and disseminated quickly in order to identify the threat and then to initiate preventive measures.

“Protecting our cyber boundaries has risen as a top priority since the end of war in Sri Lanka. We are now re-arming ourselves with domain knowledge to detect any potential vulnerabilities and threats in order to prevent or in the worst case to minimize the damage,” he said.

MoD officials, representatives of the organizers, military officers and a large number of participants were also present at the occasion. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. No more free speech! Ranils Cyber-Gestapo going to track ur ip address and break ur front door to get u, just like in eu and the uk!


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